Little get away

In early June we took a nice week off and went camping in our little house, just Bill and I.  I was about to head out for the summer to Europe, (More about that and that asshole Harvey later.  Yes, we got hit. We are all fine.  We evacuated to my inlaws ranch. Our house survived with some damage, and miraculously so did the trailer.  Tough little beast.) so we wanted to spend some time together before we were apart.

I love my home and am grateful to still have it, but boy do I prefer the trailer and its simplicity.

Pics of our week together.

Bill never shaves on vacation.

Post surf breakfast.

This little guy got stuck in between two rocks and we got him out and to freedom.

Every night is mojito night in the trailer.

Mia joined us on the last couple of nights that we were there.

The park we normally stay at in Port Aransas was destroyed as so many other iconic island places we adore.  Hurricane Harvey pretty much annihilated our town and the island. We are a strong community and are working hard to get our towns back up on their feet.   I will post more about it in the coming weeks.




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Never forget the rum

Many years ago, we used to take off in a 34 foot trailer with the 4 kids and find our alone time.

Part of that alone time included movies on the flat screen TV in the trailer, after a full day of sun, sand and salt water.

My kids basically grew up watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, in an Americamp 5th wheel ta boot.  Every time a new one came out on VCR or DVD, we would grab it and watch it in the trailer….over and over again. When we moved here, we made a family outing of going to see the newest release at the movie theater.

Last Spring, the much anticipated Dead Men Tell No Tales was due in theaters and I sent a text to my college boys saying basically “Come home. Dinner and a movie Pirates of the Caribbean weekend time!”

And you know what?  My 22yo and 19yo drove home from college to go to a Disney movie with their family.

This, my friends, is the definition of us.

My kids rock.

Family first babies.

And never forget the rum.  Arrrr.

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