We got our Halloween on, babies

This month really flew by way too fast.

I love October and Halloween, so we try and do lots of crafts and baking to enjoy all the silliness of this fun month.

We made Boomeringues one night.  So easy and fun to decorate. Whip up your favorite meringue recipe, place in a pastry bag with a large fitting, and make goofy ghost shapes.  Bake according to your recipe directions, then decorate.


Pumpkin shaped cookies were made and decorated. Tasty little, calorie riddled things.


Mia made monster cupcakes one evening. And they were gone by noon the next day.  I think Quinn must have had 6 of them.


Another night we had a Mexican Layer Dip complete with a spider. This was super easy, especially if you cheat and buy already prepared guacamole and pre-chopped pico with jalapeños instead of the tomato layer in the recipe.  CHEATER!!


I have been wanting to make this one for a couple of  Halloween seasons and finally did it. Isn’t it fun?  Love my monster photobomber….


Craft wise, in addition to the Raven plates, I also sewed a couple of cat pillows that I saw in Woman’s Day magazine last year. Super easy and cute.  Skeleton tested and approved.


Decorations went up on September 30th and included these La Catrina statues that I bought while in Mexico.  I searched high and low for these and love ’em.  The story of why you will find La Catrina in most homes in Mexico during Dia de los Muertos can be found here.



Bats before bed…


And across my walls…


And a few ghosts and skeletons.



All Hallows Eve finally came and we started the day off with an early morning surf. The waves were so dang fun….it was chaotic but they were big, head high and over, steep and breaking hard.  I told Billy they were Halloween monster waves, complete with gaping mouth and teeth. It was awesome and adrenaline filled.

Later that day Billy and Mia got to carve the pumpkin.  I love that he has done this with the kids since day one.  Awesome tradition for them to remember one day.


We had a spooky, fun dinner before Mia went T or T’ing.






Buffalo meat chili, and lots of dry ice on hand.


And yes, we used the Raven dinnerware.


Too cute, eh?


Can you spot my little glowing ghost? Love, love, love that she and her BFF decided to be simple ghosts.  So, so cute.


While the girls were out getting their candy loot, I made some cookies.  One Halloween when I was very little, I vividly remember coming home after T or T’ing and finding my mom in the kitchen decorating spooky cookies.  It is a memory that fills me with warmth and nostalgia so I like to do this every Halloween.  My dad had a fire in the fireplace and we turned on the TV and found spooky movies to watch as I fell asleep in front of the fireplace with my dad in his favorite chair watching over me.  My Halloween memories are wonderful and many, and I know for sure that this is why this month is so special to me.


Coming home from a night out in the ‘hood getting more candy than anyone ever in a million years could need, she found Mr. Skeleton waiting for her by the door, peering out the window. Buwahhahahahahaha.


We are going to miss that weird dude.

I can’t believe Halloween fell on a Saturday night finally!  We had great plans to watch spooky movies, but by the time we curled up on the couch and put in the Corpse Bride, it wasn’t 10 minutes before Mia was totally out.

I hope you all had great month full of Fall fun, and a spooky but family filled Halloween!



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Every Halloween Eve I read my kids Edgar Allen Poe’s story The Raven.  It is a fun little tradition that started years ago and by the time I am on the last few sentences, the little ones are usually sound asleep.

Except Quinn.  Each year he listens and we talk about the poem and what Poe was writing about in his anguished prose.

A few months ago I was looking for ideas for a Raven inspired Halloween dinner, and I stumbled upon a fun little craft that I absolutely loved for its simplicity. I got the supplies and set out to make 6 place settings.

It took me one Sunday morning to complete and I think they turned out pretty good!




I am not going to post the “How To’s” on this blog because you should go here to Brooklyn Limestone to find them.  I absolutely loath when people blog How To’s as if they were the original genius behind a craft.  I found the idea on Pinterest and copied it because I loved what she did.

They were very easy to make.  When you mess up, simply wash the paint off and start over again.  Easy day.  I didn’t use the tape though.  Too much work. I just eyeballed it and I like the haphazard freehand look that came from that.  If you try to do these, don’t get too caught up in making them perfect.  The point is a handmade memory, complete with imperfections.

Now my kids have a fun heirloom with my handwriting on it.  I am pretty sure they are thrilled. Well, sort of.  They thought they were cool and then left the room and I was all “THEY ARE AWESOME!! LOOK AT MY PLATES!!  I wanted them to gush but they didn’t. I told them “One day I will be long gone and you will have these plates with my handwriting on them and you will cry when you take them out of storage each Halloween.”  I know they will because I do that with the Santa pitcher and mugs my mom made.  Me?   I am handing down plates that have a poem about a crazy mans dead lover on them.  BUT I LOVE IT!!

Now go be a copy cat too!   Your kids will be luke warm with joy!

**I got my plates at HEB.  They were $1.99 each and I got ceramic paint pens from Hobby Lobby.  That’s all you need!

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