Happy Monday

Cute overload to start your Monday. Roly Poly Roxy Rat Fink with adorable feet selfie.

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She’s all “Woman, paleease.”

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Weekends are made for fun

Friday I hit the island for a surf.  Bill was getting off early so we decided to meet up later in the afternoon.  I love it when he gets off early.  Thanks to a good friend who made it possible by picking up my youngest and keeping her after school.

I was met with this.  No surf visible, so the paddle out was in pure faith based on Magic Seaweed forecast.

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I was not disappointed.  The surf was chest to head high on me and so dang fun.  I haven’t had that much fun surfing in quite a few months.  I surfed until my arms were noodles, then came in to eat and rest until Bill got there.

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While waiting for him the wind switched and pushed the fog back out to sea.  Sunny skies and a beautiful afternoon!

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I paddled back out and then Bill joined me. Love seeing his face paddling towards me.  I surfed with him for a couple more hours, then caught one last wave to shore.  My arms were just spent. From the pier I was able to get a few shots of Bill but the surf had already started dropping.

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Saturday morning Mia got up and came over to the computer.  She saw the pics I took of her dad and said “Why didn’t you come get me at school so I could surf that!!!”  She was so put out she got tears in her eyes and ran to her room.  We were going to go by ourselves and spend the day together but she wanted to go bad. How can you say no to a 10 yo that wants to paddle out into the ocean with her parents to surf?

Jody's Lumia_20140329_12_06_05_Pro20140329141619

That little bit of girl paddled out over and over again to the outside with Bill and I, charging into waves that were easily over her little head.  She fell a lot, but stayed right out there with all the adults.  I was so proud of her pushing through all the white water to get where she wanted to be.

And that deserved a big, post surf recharge meal, complete with double chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

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This is the definition of “surf tired”.

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Sundays waves were way smaller. Thigh high, but clean.  The sun was out and for the first time we were able to surf without full wetsuits, and instead pull on a spring suit.  Liberating!!

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We surfed for several hours, then got some good Mexican food…

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and called it a day.

I am heading out there again today to surf and celebrate the International Court of Justices revocation of Japans permit to hunt whales under the guise of “scientific research”.  This is a monumental ruling and is FINAL!!  No more whales will die in the Southern Ocean.

It is a GREAT day for the whales.  Go celebrate!!!

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