The Tale of Baby.

Once Upon a Time, my dogs went into heat back to back.  It was awesome, but not awesome good. It was much like awesome dumb.

Have you ever had a dog in heat in your home?  If not, take it from me…it is gross.

I know they make doggie Maxi-pad thingies, but on our dogs, those would last about .0002  seconds and they would be off…..chewed up and scattered about my house. That might be almost as bad as when Honey got into the diaper pail years ago.  Almost.

Both dogs went into heat in the days before their spay appointments, so we had to cancel them last Fall. Lets just say, I never want to experience a dog in heat again, so we re-booked.  Skye’s appointment fell well before she started again, but due to no appointments available until last month, Kona’s was a close one.  She had started exhibiting some signs….digging, mood, humping, etc etc.

Thankfully she didn’t really start, and we took off for her Big Day.


Going to the vet was pretty traumatic for her….and me.  She had really never been before, and was super freaked out about me handing her leash over and walking out the door.  I might have called Bill in a panic.  I love my woowies and hated to leave her so afraid.

In spite of this, she did wonderful for the surgery, but post-op, things were rough.  She was so uncomfortable the first 2 days.  Honey was very empathetic.  Skye, her mama, licked her for about 5 minutes and then was gone.  So much for the puppy bonding thing.  Not.


Poor baby. By the second day, things started to get weird.  She got very clingy, and seemed moody.  I started wondering if she was having some hormone issues.


And then it happened.   Things got very wanky when she latched on to one of her chew toys.  It is a leopard head with two flaps hanging down….and a squeak toy in the head.  Awesome baby material.

We nick named it “Baby” and it went everywhere with her.  OMG, it was adorable/heart breaking.  She picked it up so very gently and would carry Baby from room to room with her.  She would make little nests and curl up, hugging the weird little puppy.


She was very protective of Baby around the other dogs and would growl and snap at them if they came near.  Her breasts swelled with milk and she would try and nurse it.  (Daggers through the heart).


Baby lasted for about a week.  During this time I looked up information about ghost pregnancies and found that she most likely had been in the early stages of starting heat, so when she was spayed, her hormones dropped suddenly, signaling her body that she had delivered puppies.  It also stated that you should take away the “puppy” to help them speed through the process.  Billy gave a huge thumbs down to this.  When I told him he said “No way. Would you want YOUR babies taken away from you like that?”

Um, does college ring a bell?  Right.


And so, Baby stayed and Kona spent the week being a mother for the first time.

During week 2, Baby slowly became a chew toy again. And she started to stink really bad so outside she went.



And Kona became her sweet self again.


“Oh, that scratching feels soooo goooood!”


The End.

Parting shots……

Kona and Baby, 2015


Bill and Cory, 1994



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Randomness at its best

Our weekend was busy. It was a good busy though.

Friday night all the kids were gone at various spend the nights so Billy and I had the house to ourselves. Holy cow! Rare moment. We shared a bottle of wine and listened to Spotify. Lil Wayne came on and OMG the lyrics were so crude and stupid. Billy got in character and flashed some gang signs. The man is a hilarious idiot.


I seriously cannot believe how crappy todays music is for the most part. Makes me cringe thinking about what our kids are listening to. Monitor those iPods people, because little minds are being flooded with some pretty bad stuff. Cursing doesn’t bother me as much as the crude sex talk, cop shooting references and general disrespectful ghetto language and references. It is uncalled for. (steps lightly off her soapbox).

Ahem…I did look at those trailers, which has confused me even more.  Loved both of them and now can’t decide.  Bill wants something bigger, but I want something small I can tow. Here are a few images of the two I saw.

The first is the Riverside Retro 181B


Isn’t it cute?  I absolutely love the interior.  The seating is comfortable, beautifully made and makes into a huge bed.


And there are bunks.  Big thumbs up.



The next one was the Shasta Airflyte Reissue. This is an exact replica of the one Shasta made in 1961.  We have a deposit on a seafoam green 19 footer, but it is refundable and we are still on the fence about it.  They only made 1941 of them, and then there will be no more. Almost all of them are already sold, so we wanted to make sure we could have one if we decide it’s The One.


Is this not too cute?


That dinette folds down into a full size bed.


Love this trailer but have some concerns about how it will hold up to what we will be using it for…hard core camping for surf trips.


The back makes into a big twin and there is a bunk above it.


So, we have to decide what we want to do. Of course another option is keeping what we have, although its size is a huge factor in that decision.  34 ft is just not what we need anymore.

I enjoyed my little trip and major bonus of it was I got to eat lunch with Cory in his college town.  So great to see him.

Sunday was fun day surfing with Billy.  Sun was out, waves were waist to stomach high and we wore spring suits!  No more full wetsuits necessary!  Whoo hoo!!!!

Post surf grub. Mmmmm.


We are surfing every afternoon this week. When there are waves, we are on them.  I pick up Mia and her friend from school and off we go. Love this time of year with the spring swell coming in and the start of warm air and water.

I also run daily…..sort of like a run/swim brick but with a surfboard.  Fueling for this involves protein smoothies and I can really tell the difference that adding protein makes to them. Get a good rice protein and try it. This one is strawberry, fresh pineapple and rice milk with 2 scoops of protein.


Fuel your body right peeps. Get rid of the sugar and all the processed garbage. seriously.  You only have one shot of this life of yours, don’t fill that precious body with the bad stuff.

And with the sun coming out of hiding, lather on the sunscreen and keep your head covered and cool. (I’m wearing the Reflective Race Hat in neon yellow. Can you see me now?  Click through to the link. Monica is why I wear neon and crazy colors.)


Shaka babies.

As always, click on the icon below to get to the hats I wear.


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