The shape of us

I once wandered alone in this world searching and searching for someplace in which I fit. Like the missing piece of a puzzle.

There were a few arms that hugged me for a short season.  The fit always needed adjustment.  Like trying to get comfortable on a couch that was just not soft enough.

There was one embrace that was perfect, but it was not meant to be.

Then one day, quite unexpected, along came this quiet and gentle man that pulled me to him and our shapes became one.


His arms fit around me just right and it was like he was made to fit my soul.  The curve of his body into mine felt like being in a painting while the strokes were brushed slowly onto the canvas.  Hips, shoulders, breasts, thighs painted together, forever in life. I would move and he would too.  My head on his chest, hearing a strong heart beating out a slow rhythm that lulled me to sleep.

Over the years, my curves changed as life grew inside of me many times.  His arms always fit perfectly around me: hands resting upon a tiny heartbeat. The shape of each infant fitting perfectly into his arms.



This morning I played a song in the kitchen while morning moved among the members of my family.  Bill was walking about in his usual routine: one that I can predict down to the minute. Mia stood beside me. Her flaxen hair, freckles and sun kissed face with ridiculously tiny, blond down on her cheeks, burning my eyes with beauty.  Cody was propped against the kitchen counter drinking coffee; wide shoulders, narrow hips and his fathers bare feet.  There was the sound of Quinn moving from his room to the bathroom, getting ready for school.  My first born would be making his way home this evening, completing us.

I took all of this in and smiled.  I closed my eyes as the guitar music played in my ears and I imagined that brush, stroking curves on canvas.   A work in progress, always.

Capturing the shape of us.


“I never felt quite so at home. And your sweet caress is the best I’ve know.  And now that I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of your trust, let us build a world in the shape of us.”

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Happy Monday

Cute overload to start your Monday. Roly Poly Roxy Rat Fink with adorable feet selfie.

Jody's Lumia_20140401_10_26_20_Pro

She’s all “Woman, paleease.”

Jody's Lumia_20140401_10_21_07_Pro

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