Swimmers take your mark

We had a great weekend, and the start of the week has been wonderful!  I had a wonderful surprise that absolutely made my day yesterday evening.  (It was so amazing to hear your voice and talk IRL, my friend!!!!)  I had been having a rough day, and was walking on cloud nine afterward.   

On Sunday we boiled some jumbo shrimp for dinner and the kids had fun, peeling them and squeezing lemons and limes on the shrimp.  Very few of the shrimp were actually eaten by them, but hey, they had fun dressing the shrimpies up!  They were the most delicious shrimp. Bill and I polished ’em off!

It is interesting for me to see what my kids will eat.  They are so open to trying new foods.  I don’t have any picky eaters.  They eat papaya with lime, scallop ceviche, raw oysters, frog legs, and they love most veggies.  Oh, and Mexican food is top on their list of yummy stuff. 

There was another swim meet this weekend, and Cory placed 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, and 6th.  Cody placed 1st, 4th, 4th and 5th. 

Here is Cody, the little man, at the start:

Cory doing the 25m butterfly:

Cody, 25m freestyle:

This weekend will be the City qualifying meet.  The boys have to place in the top 4 to go on to regional’s.  Once at Regional’s, they will have to place in the top 2 to go on to State.   It is exciting for all of us!!

More pictures to break up the boring swim meet post:

Best buddies playing in Mia’s room.

Rockin’, rockin’:

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    awman that is cool on the swim meat dill and the other pictures are so cute to

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