Now…or never

I have kept a secret from everyone. I have sooooo wanted to tell you all, but it is not something I could blurt out over the internet. We are mulling some plans over. Nothing is written in stone, but serious consideration is taking place.

Discontent has settled in. I don’t know why or where it came from. I cannot pinpoint a catalyst. It just is.

We live in an incredible town. We are safe, the people are amazing and the school my kids go to is fantastic. We have many friends, who we love so much. We have 4 wonderful children and I live in a beautiful old home that I am so comfortable in.

So why the discontent?

One of the things I am discontent about is this….are we so burrowed in to our safe little existence that we are afraid to take a step into adventure? Are we afraid to try something new because things are so comfy right now?

Bill and I both have adventurous souls. We crave it. Without getting too much into the details, we once spent a year outfitting our 30′ sailboat for a year in the caribbean. It never happened because Bill got into PA (physician assistant) school. We took the dream and stashed it away into a dark closet, where it sat for 14 years gathering dust.

Recently, around Christmas time, we took it out, dusted it off, and talked about it again. This time, we replaced the boat with a 34′ 5th wheel. We talked about it over coffee every morning. We told our families and asked for their input. We discussed the timing in depth. Bill said to me “It’s now…or never. Cory is getting close to the teenage years. In 2 years, it would not work for us as a family”.

One morning a few days before Christmas, I was walking through a gift shop when I spotted this sign:

As you know, I do not believe in coincidences. I bought the sign and gave it to Bill for Christmas.

At present, we are still mulling it over. It is a huge step for us. If we do it, we will leave the comfort and safety of our town to strike out with 4 kids into North America, Baja and Mexico.

We are doing this in stages….in the beginning, when the idea was taking shape, we rushed head first into it with such speed that it left us terrified and unable to sleep at night from the worry. So we took a step back and put the brakes on. Whoa Nelly.

Stage one was buying the truck and RV.

Stage two involves making the commitment and solidifying the plan.

Then we sell the house, etc etc.

Right now, we are at stage 2 and we are learning the trailer and how it works for us. We are figuring it the heck out. The 10 days in Port A gained us a ton of insight. Family suggested taking it to the beach this summer for a month and seeing how we do in it for that long (Bill would take off work for a week, and would come down on the weekends) How long can we go without dumping black water? How to preserve water. How much gas does the truck burn while pulling it. How to pack the fridge and with what. What do we NEED, and what is just material baggage.

Like I said, it is quite involved and overwhelming.

If for some reason we decide not to travel on the road, the “plan B” that we are thinking of involves a move to the beach. Back to the sea and all of its lure.

Or we chicken out and stay here. Which is not bad at all…..the trailer is giving us so much joy and is a great outlet for the boredom a small town can bring. So this is very possible…staying here.

I want to thank Kathy for the inspiration…..for not only posting the good times, but the hard parts of her days as well. Reading her blog and some others in her links really got us thinking about making some sort of change.

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3 Responses to Now…or never

  1. LammyAnn says:

    “How soon not now becomes never.”~~ Martin Luther

    Girl… what a brave thing to be thinking about. As one wanderluster to another…. I say take the chance. Better to say you tried and fail, then to have to admit to being too scared to try. We took our children all over Europe and though we might should have been saving money, those experinences are woven into our family life quilt….and will last forever.
    I cannot wait to see what you do!!!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jamie says:

    That sounds so riveting, and exciting. I wish I were more adventurous. It takes alot for me to buy a different kind of bread at the grocery store. I wish you the best in your decision. And I hope that when it all happens, you will some how make it possible to keep this site up. I love reading about your adventures now.

  3. Sue says:

    Wow, I can totally see what you protected this post! That is a huge lifestyle change. I can see you are weighing all your options. It would be an amazing opportunity if you do decide to leave your “stick house”
    Thanks for sharing your dreams,

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