and it grew and grew…

When I first met my husband Bill, he didn’t want to have any children. He was 30 and I was just 22. We spent 2 1/2 years dating and during that time he introduced me to an array of sports that I never dreamed I would ever participate. When he asked me to marry him, he reminded me that he was not planning on having children, and I replied “Well, I choose you, here and now, over the possibility of kids in the future.”. We married in 1990, went on a month long honeymoon mountain biking through Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, then settled very comfortably into our life together. I married my soul mate. I knew from the first moment that he was the one. We just fit.

We eventually decided to have a baby 4 years later. I am not sure what changed his mind, but it was a welcome change at that. The funny thing is, we didn’t stop at 1. Starting with the first, each child that we had was always to be the last. But they kept on coming.

I had a moment of clarity on March 22nd, 2004. I was about 10 days post-partum after my c-section, and I was driving, AMA(against medical advice), to pick up my 2 oldest sons from school. I arrived, and they piled into the car and buckled themselves in. I drove through the parking lot and before pulling out into the street, I turned around to make sure everyone was buckled securely into their seats………and there they were…….4 children. Cory, age 9 with pale blond hair and blue eyes; he resembles his father in every way. Cody, age 6 with light brown hair and big brown eyes, is the perfect likeness of my father (gone from us for 12 years this September) in every way. Quintin, our 3yo, has curly brown hair and blue-green eyes and is his own little man! Then there is Amelia, our newborn baby girl. She has sandy blond hair and what appear to be blue eyes with just a hint of lavender. She came to us after 4 heart breaking miscarriages. We see her as our miracle.

Our kids are now 11, 8, 5 and 2. Amelia (Mia) was our exclamation point. The icing on our cake. Our family feels complete with the addition of her.

So, my moment, the one in which I gazed upon my 4 beautiful children, was one of complete joy and the marvel of how life has changed for Bill and I. We were surfing, mountain biking, extreme sailing, triathletes for our first 4 years of marriage, and for the last 11 years have been baby birthing, diaper changing, child loving parents.


For us, baby makes 6, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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