Robert August, dude!


On Friday, our family had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of the surf communities true legends, Robert August.

When he was 18, Robert August and his friend Mike Hynson were documented in the filmThe Endless Summer produced by Bruce Brown, as they circled the globe following summer and finding surf that had never been ridden before.

Meeting him was a pleasure, as he is just such a nice person. He is a vacation local here, and spent the late morning talking with us,

and Mia enjoyed playing with his daughter.
Mia and her new friend

He signed Cory’s cap, and a shirt for me. We were going surfing after the visit and had our boards in the truck so I was all “You HAVE to ask him to sign your board, Bill! How cool would that be??”, but Bill kept waving me off. I finally bullied him into allowing Robert to sign his board. Bill now has a Robert August surfboard, signed by Robert August himself. Too cool.

A pleasure

Signed by Robert August

Thank you Robert for your hospitality and kindness. We might just take you up on Costa Rica this summer.

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8 Responses to Robert August, dude!

  1. MamaGeph says:

    WOW! That is fantastic. What a rush.

  2. Jenifer says:

    one day i hope to learn how to surf i realy want to and that awsome yall got to meet him

  3. poppy fields says:

    How cool!!! my husband would love this story! We met Robbie Naish windsurfing in the south of France last summer and he was so nice, too.

  4. Coffee Please says:

    Although that is very cool you got to meet him I admit my comment is that I’m calling dibs on your oldest to marry my youngest (13). So keep that in mind. We’ll get together to plan the wedding in about 10 years, K? PS: She is a total ‘beach bunny’ herself and insists she is living in a big house on the beach so I think it’s a good match. 🙂


  5. Paulette says:

    wow Jody you look beautiful in this picture!! What a great family picture of all of you. What a neat story, thanks for sharing it. Pretty cool!!

  6. leeann says:

    How awesome! So glad that happened!

  7. Pam says:

    That is really neat!! How many times have I heard you talk about Endless Summer? Even cooler that you recognized the guy in the surf shop!! Your hair looks unbelievably great, and you have lost so much weight. Wow!!!

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