Like father……

Like father

The water is warm finally. What does this mean to me? Well, it means I ventured into the water and surfed this past weekend. Really surfed. I held my place in the lineup, and was able to charge like my old pre-baby birthing self. I think I even yelled “Mine” a few times. Oh man, it felt so good.

Bill might have even given me a fist bump over a Mexican feast that evening at our favorite post beach restaurant.

Cory mouthed the word “Cool” and smiled, which says much, as he usually has very little to say.

I wonder what my kids think about having parents like us? We surf, talk to them, laugh with them, cry with them and discipline them here and there when they need it. I can’t imagine having parents that would actually get in the ocean, let alone paddle out on a surf board. I wonder if they think we are weird? I know we are weird, but maybe we have them fooled.

The above pic is one I am printing. It will hang on the left of our entertainment system. On the right is an identical one of his father.

Just keepin’ it in the family, folks.

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8 Responses to Like father……

  1. Shannon says:

    I can’t believe how grown up he looks. Wow. That is a great photo.

    Btw…baby is here. :o)

  2. poppy fields says:

    You’re not weird, you’re way cool 🙂

  3. That. is. so. cool!

  4. Jan says:

    Really beautiful pictures. Really.

  5. ccap says:

    What a fanTASTIC shot!

  6. MamaGeph says:

    Who said weird isn’t cool?

  7. Jenifer says:

    I think you cool lol..My parents our the same with us kids just without the surf boards lol my buba is 28 yrs old iam 19 and my lil sister is 17 i know my parents are crazy and i love them for it and so does my brother now my sister thinks its werid lol

  8. leeann says:

    I can’t believe how much he has grown into a man! What an unbelievable change in a couple of years time.

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