I had a friend once who used to see me running on his drive home each day.  I used to run on Galveston’s Seawall almost every day, so if you knew me, you could spot me (neon pink or neon lime green full split running shorts were in style, so I was easy to spot).  Back then, Galveston was still small town, so everyone knew everyone and the Seawall was like the local city park.

One weekend at a sailboat race, I saw him and he said to me:   “Jody!  I saw you running yesterday and you were looking good………..up until the point where you raised your hand, plugged one nostril and blew a stream of gunk out of your nose.  Then I was thinking you needed a rag or kleenix or something girlie!”

I am really organic when I run.  I don’t care who is watching, or what they see.  I am lost in my world, and present in the moment.  A triathlon friend taught me the snot release trick while riding a long bike ride one weekend, and for me and my allergies, it was pure genius.  I tend to get something called exercise induced vaso-rhinitis, which basically means that I am allergic to exercise.  ;*)  Really, what it means is the veins in my nose swell and cause excess secretion of mucous from my glands while I exercise, so you had better not run too close behind me.

Today my runny nose and I did 5 miles.   I did not start out the day intending to do this.  It just felt good, so I decided at mile 2 to do at least 4, maybe 5.  It was hot, but not stiffling.

I didn’t time myself as it was all about the distance.

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