We should have named her Gidget

Mia is into competitive surfing. It is a blast for all of us and she is getting pretty good at the ripe old age of 8. The girl is a mermaid. Started swimming like a fish at 3 and never looked back. The contests are too fun for the whole family and who can knock a full day at the beach surfing?

A real contest starts out the same as the Hurley RMSS tour…..wakeup at darkthirty. Sort of. Waking between 5-6 isn’t her cup of tea, but she is a trooper and loves to surf, so after some proding she reluctantly rouses.

Get dressed, grab your gear, and set your face in a permanent scowl as you again greet the crack of dawn.

We grabbed some donuts (blek..could not find quick breakfast tacos) and hit the beach by around 7:15. Mia finally woke up a bit (once the sugar rush kicked in) and played with her friends and practiced catching some waves.

She is getting much better and is not afraid to get in bigger waves now and water over her head. It is pretty funny because on fairly calm days she can paddle out with us outside the shore break now. It is freaky to turn around and see my tiny daughter out near the lineup.

In this contest she got 3rd in the prelims and moved on to the finals were she got 4th and a trophy!

I can tell you that, for me, this is beyond fun. Being at the beach with my family and the other surfing families is the ultimate in stoke. I do believe I have finally found my people. Yes indeed.

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