Finding the hidden magic….and Nemo, maybe

It always blows me away when tourists come to this area and never see a dolphin, sea turtle, starfish or sand dollar. They are surprised when I talk about the abundant wildlife here. WELL THEY ARE THERE MY FRIENDS! You just have to get off the beaten path and explore. You are not going to see a sea turtle while sitting in a beach chair on the beach. Or shopping at the shell shops. You have to go find them. Go to the places the tourists don’t go! The nooks and crannies along the waterfront.

We took the kids over to the research complex to see the little aquarium there, and one thing led to another. The little exhibit was really nice, with several salt water fish on display.

After we wandered down a little path, and then off the beaten path, and found a tiny slice of turtle paradise.

On this outing we saw 7 sea turtles and a dolphin swam right by the kids just a couple feet away. We live here, and are always finding new things to do. Sometimes, paradise is right under our noses.

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  1. vicki says:

    Love it! One of these days we ARE going to make it down there 🙂

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