Morning cup of chai

I am starting a photographic journey. I imagine it will evolve as I go along, but the main focus will be on a photo each day…the good and bad. Chaos and peace. This pic is both chaos and peace. I don’t drink caffeine anymore. I got pretty sick in March of 2011, and a lot has changed….and then again, not so much. I still drink out of my colorful mug given to me by a very dear friend, but very low to almost caffeine-free chai is always in it now. I still love Billy and he loves me.  I am still the mom to 4 amazing kids that blow me away with their sweetness and light.  I also don’t race anymore. Ever. It almost killed me and I have this aversion to death, so that pretty much has ruled out triathlon…at least for a good long while. When I was sick, I had lots of time to think about how my actions affect not only me but all the people that love me. It was a humbling, frustrating, head banging, eye opening time for me and has played an intregal (I love the definition of this word.. it fits: “Essential or necessary for completeness”) part in the peace that has been settling over me like a warm, slow wave lapping up on the storm battered shore. And do I even have to mention the peace of God that surpasses all understanding? Yeah, my best friend was by my side all the while and always will be. That’s a given. That and surfing. Surfing has been a balm to my broken spirit. In my active life, it has taken over and everything else I do…running and cycling…is done solely for the purpose to keep me in surfing shape. I may even compete this year. Who knows? I am alive, and the world is full of exciting possibilities.

“No one’s paved the road to paradise or guaranteed that it’d be nice. It’s just a long road, hard road, draggin’ our little red wagon ’til we’re six feet under, wonderin’ “What the fuck have I done? Where did my time go?” At times in life ya gotta take a chance and dance on broken glass and see who lasts.” ~ Road to Paradise, Tat

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