This flower is about as close to anything resembling Fall that I could find here. I am craving the crisp evenings, fire pits and tattered blue jeans that seem to ring in the season for me. In South Texas, Fall does not really begin until mid to late October.

When I was a kid, school didn’t start until after Labor Day and usually that ambiance of a change of seasons was under way. The weather was cooling off, mom was cooking more stews and soups and that Fall smell was in the air. I know you get what I mean, right?

School started here and it was over 100 degrees…humidity in the 80’s and 90’s at times. Everyone is still in shorts. The beach water is still wonderfully warm and we live in bathing suits on the weekends. It doesn’t feel like Fall much. A cool front came through this
morning and it blew the humidity away for approximately 5 minutes. At 10:00am it is 82F, humidity is 82% and real feel is 91. Ouch.

The kids and I have several Fall magazines with recipes and ideas for Halloween. They have dog eared the ones they want me to make and are ready for Halloween. If history is any indication of things to come, we could all go trick or treating in our bathing suits and flip flops. We could go as ourselves…..beach bums.

Could you northern folks send down a REAL cold front instead of the wimpy ones like todays? The Gulf of Mexico said “Pfffft, you call that a front?” and is sending it back home.

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