A day of rest

We slept in this morning. Super rare for me. I’ve been sick and coughed late into the night, so I was so tired. I woke around 5:50 as usual, but closed my eyes and dozed, falling in and out of sleep until after 7, when the kids slowly padded into the room and climbed into bed. All our arms and legs were tangled together…. Billy’s arms around me. I dozed off again. Mia fell back to sleep next to us while Quinn got up to feed and take Honey outside. When dog and boy came back in they jumped onto the bed. Time to get up!

I got donuts for the kids and made banana pancakes for the adults.


Bill and Quinn played paper football while we had our morning coffee and chai. The teenagers were still asleep….no doubt they went to bed just hours before.


It had been a hectic week, so a day of rest was badly needed.

Sometimes those lazy mornings just happen….no planning or scheming on your part could make them more perfect in their content and timing. Such a beautiful way to recharge.

My reset button has been pushed.

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  1. kriste says:

    I love the concept of a Sabbath or day of rest. I think I’d want to adopt the practice, even if I wasn’t religious. Glad you enjoyed!

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