Ghost shells

There are sand dollars aplenty on a winter beach. You just have to walk the shoreline and be aware of them peeking out of the sand.

I see so many tourists walk right past a beautiful one hiding in the edge of a lapping wave. I usually call out to them and say “Look down and to your left” and they cry out and quickly reach down and pick up a perfect sand dollar. I rarely pick them up and hand them to the person….it’s not the same unless you pick it up yourself. Many say “thank you! I have been looking for one all week long!!” and I am baffled as to how they can’t see them. I will walk that same beach and pick up 30 or more in an hours time.


I think to some they are just ghost shells. They are that sought after treasure that eludes them every time they come to the beach. Maybe they just look too hard; not seeing the obvious.

It is Friday. The go, go, go of the week needs to come to a screeching halt. Kids are out of school and the work week is over. I see many people try and cram in activities to keep busy and ‘have fun” only to have Sunday arrive and they feel like they missed the whole weekend. Where did it go? They are exhausted and wish it was Friday all over again. That down time so desperately needed was never found. They had sand dollars spread over their whole weekend but they never saw them.

They tried too hard and missed the obvious. The beauty was lying right there in plain sight, at home, in the simple things. Cooking meals, wearing slouchy socks and talking. Watching a movie with small feet peeping out of warm blankets. Reading together. Taking a bike ride. Listening to the sound of guitars playing in your children’s bedrooms (and maybe some arguing as well…just keeping it real) while you cook. Really, it’s all the little things.

Being together and being content. I think it is a treasure we should ALL spend more time allowing into our busy lives.

I hope you can find something intangible this weekend to treasure. Don’t look too hard…’s probably right there in front of you.

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