Little Miss Mismatch

Here is what happens when you can’t keep up with your own laundry. Teal top, lime green and yellow shorts and bright orange running shoes. I fly my freak flag proudly.


Post run smoothie that I am addicted to right now. This is strawberry, banana, rice protein powder and carrot juice with a little ice blended smooth. It is sooo good and healthy. Make one!!


Our weekend was excellent. I turned 48 and it was packed with all the activities that make me happiest in the world. I will post about it soon. For now it is time for a run and my smoothie awaits me! Have a happy week everyone…oh, and if you haven’t planned out your dinners for the week, try this one. We had it Friday night and it was sooo very good and easy! Make it with some organic wild rice on the side. Ciao!

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