How to enjoy turning 48 in 5 easy steps

1. Stay in your room while your daughter and her friends make a healthy breakfast for you
Birthday breakfast

2. Enjoy as they pamper you in a homemade “spa day”. A facial, massage, feet and hands done, hair brushed and styled. So! spoiled! that day.

Cucumber peel.  I am rocking this look.  Baby.
Cucumber peel. I am rocking this look. Baby.

3. Make your own cake. Hush up!….Bill wanted to go buy one at the store, but if I am going to eat cake these days, I want homemade. The last time I looked, Bill cannot bake. At all. So I present my birthday cake to myself. For the foodies out there it was devils food cake with almond buttercream frosting. Primo and worth every calorie.

Birthday magic

4. Enjoy your family and friends singing Happy Birthday. (This part is awkward and wouldn’t it be better to just say “Happy Birthday, cut the cake!!” and move on? Right.)

Happy birthday old lady

5. Go to an awesome party for surfers. Music, fire pit, fish tacos, DosXX, good friends and Bill all to myself for the evening. Seriously the best.

Fire pit

Honestly, the day was everything I could want in a birthday. Family, cake! and the company of like minded friends to spend the day and evening with. Mia asked me if I could rank it amoung other birthdays past and I told her that this one was the best, hands down. And I meant it with all my heart.

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  1. kriste says:

    I always make my own cake, too! ;o) When we were teens, we always had elaborate ideas of what we wanted our cake to be, so my mom said we’d have to help/do it ourselves! And the tradition has stuck…

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