Random Friday

I pretty much run every day if time permits. It’s my “me time” and I need it like I need air. When I don’t run, I tend to be less patient and a bit cranky by days end. The last 2 days have been crazy busy, and I loath crazy busy. I like slow and chill so I can run during the day and cook good stuff for dinner…like this pasta with fresh pumpkin, kale and tomatoes. Saute the veggies, spoon on top of pasta and drizzle some olive oil and freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese on top and you have a yummy, healthy meal for your family.
Pasta with pumpkin

Anyhow, it has been neither slow nor chill due to various chores, errands and appointments, so no runs and no cooking. ¬†Wednesday night was sandwich night and last night was “anything” night. Anything night is leftovers or pantry scavenging, which basically means my kids had tortillas with cheese, cookies and M&M’s. Blek. Today I am back on track and we will have a nice hot, cooked meal to ring in the weekend.

I also get to head our for a run, which starts the day out the right way for me.

Tuesdays run was….colorful. I first met up with these fellas. Feral cat board meeting.

Feral cats

After I snapped the shot, I started running again and all but the orange one scattered. That big tomcat stood his ground and did not budge. He glared at me with the most bitchin’ look on his face and even when I was just feet away from him, he kept dead still, staring. He was all scarred up and had cuts on his head. It was very Pet Cemetery-ish. I have officially been creeped out by a feral cat. Bizarre.

In keeping with the whole Stanley Kubrick feel of the run, at my turn around a VERY large man approached me. My radar went straight up. Large man on a forest trail alert!! He started rambling about how he recognized his ex-wives license plate number in the parking lot and, like wow, how weird it would be to run into her on the trail. Yikes!! Raise your hand if you have your ex-wives license plate number memorized. Right. I said something like “Radical’ and took off running as fast as I could down the trail….back to the cats.

Running from cats and large crazy men

In other random news, the weather at the coast has also been psycho. One day we are wearing this


And the next this


I am done with winter and I hope the coast is too. If it is not warm by March, I am outta here and we have the passports to prove it! Yeah baby!! Warm sand, big surf and the tropics! (more on that later)

First Passport!

I leave you with a tranquil, blurry, domestic scene of us on “pizza night turned sushi night” last week. I love this pic, not because of the quality obviously, but because it depicts a typical Tuesday night…..little kids fresh from their showers and in jammies, big kids home and, well, just us. I hope you all have an awesome good weekend!!

Sushi night!

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  1. kriste says:

    Ha ha! We had a “raid the pantry/freezer/fridge” dinner last night. We call it “smorgasbord night”. ;o)

  2. Mara says:

    Saw a bumper sticker yesterday that made me think of your blog: “SURFING SUCKS– DON’T TRY IT!” Reminds me of the ones in New Mexico that say, “If you love NM– don’t move here!”

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