Sunday surf

It is funny how the week crawls by, but the weekend is like a flash in the pan.


We had a great weekend filled with surfing, running and lots of kids in and out. Saturday was spent at home doing this and that.  Cabinet doors opening and closing, lots of cups on the counter. Dried, winter grass tracked across the tile. Spend the nights, shrimp tacos, a 5 mile run through the trees.  Exhausted that evening, we watched Netflix while a little one fell asleep beside us.

Tired angel

Sunday was filled with sand and sea. Surfing with Bill and Mia is like escaping to another continent. It really is. A land of endless blues, greens, whites and shades of beige, melting into each other to form our world for a day…for a moment.

Sunday surf

And now we are back to the Land of Reality. School, drivers ed (another driver? oh em gheeeeee), work, chores. We get past Monday, and on to Tuesday for Bill’s half day (ahhhh)….then the countdown to Saturday begins.

3, 2, 1……..


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