Valentine’s Day and a little mouse

We had a sweet week filled with crafts and love. We are not big on celebrating V-day, but this year Mia’s class didn’t plan to have a party, and she was bummed about it. I decided that 3rd graders need to celebrate Valentines Day, so I did it up for her. We did crafts numerous times and had lots of fun with this weird, little love holiday.

Mia had several friends over one afternoon to make Valentine cards to send to all the grandparents.

Valentine cards

They turned out so cute.


What’s not to love about little girls making little mouse cards to give to those they love? Precious.

A few weeks back I saw this craft on Pinterest and fell in love, so I made it for my Little Mouse, Mia. It was pretty simple to put together, and a nice way to spend a couple quiet afternoons.





Her name is Rinky Dink and last night we sat on the big bed and played with Mia’s new little mouse friend: tucking her in for the night in her little, Altoid bed. Too, too cute.

The boys are into things like Microsoft points, iTunes cards and Google $, so no wee little mice for them. Electronics trump mice in Altoids cans. Go figure.

I baked cupcakes (Devils food with butter-cream frosting) and made these amazing cookies. Make them!! They are amazingly tasty.


All in all a nice day of Valentine’s celebration from non-Valentine type people. I may have to rethink my stand on this.


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  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful. Lucky little girl and her friends!
    Cookies. Want.

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