Preparation time for a surf trip


This weekend flew by in a flurry of preparation for an upcoming trip we are going on. It will involve surfing, warm sand, clear water and a few cold beers no doubt. Until then it is a scramble to get ready to head out of the country.

One aspect of prep for a surf trip involves packing the boards for the flight so they do not get damaged. Bill was head board packer. He’s done this a few times before.

Man of the day

The fins are removed (under the supervision of the littlest surf rat)

Little supervisor

And then the boards are placed in the plastic case with bubble wrap, towels etc to cushion them.


Got a problem in the nose of the case? No problem. Just send in the Gidget’s to do the repairs where no adult would ever fit.

Sending in the midget

Midget repair crew

Here, have some duct tape.

Reparis on the foam


Packed boards

So, now that boards are squared away, the rest of the week will be packing our clothes and getting the details done. Postings may be scarce for a bit, but keep your eyes peeled for some images from Central America!

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4 Responses to Preparation time for a surf trip

  1. Linda says:

    Safe travels!!!

  2. Linda says:

    Yes, thanks for taking us (vicariously) with you!

    Safe travels?

  3. kriste says:

    Wow! Who knew so much was involved in packing surfboards. Can’t wait to hear about your travels!

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