1st place

Last year Mia surfed up into the next age group at her surf competitions. It was a great year for her of learning and evolving her surfing skills. She had a great group of friends to surf with and they really took her under their wings and helped her get the confidence she needed to compete at this level. She was so very small and paddling out into bigger surf than she had ever ridden.

Before she had surfed the 8yo and under division and at that age most of the kids are being pushed into their own waves.  Mia was just learning to surf on her own, and wanted nothing to do with us pushing her in so moving her up into the next age bracket really was a good fit. She still surfed the 8yo and under group, but she really enjoyed surfing with the 11yo and under girls better, even though they were way ahead of her in their surfing skills.

She ended up placing 4th in state, and even though there were only 4 in her finals at state (5 competitors throughout the year, but one girl moved away), she was thrilled.  It wasn’t about winning that year but about learning and growing in her skills.

This year her surfing has really taken off. Her confidence is soooo much better and she is much more bold in her wave choice now.  She decided that with the bigger waves, she was ready for a traction pad to help with foot placement and maneuvering the board better.


Here is one proud little grom.


She got a chance to try out her new pad at the first Open contest of the season.  She surfed 11yo and under but this year all of her friends had moved up into a the next age bracket, so there were 6 new girls that she had never surfed with before.

Wonderfully, they all hit it off right away and are quickly on their way to becoming good friends.

As for the contest….she got 1st in her heat, and went on to place 1st in the finals overall.  Go Mia!!!


It is going to be a fun, challenging year for her.  There will be ups and downs, but for sure all around beach fun!! Can’t wait to see how she grows with her surfing skills this season.  Keep your eyes peeled for more contest news!


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    Love her practice paying off.


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