San Nicola

We had a very full day yesterday. It was the Eve of St. Nicholas Day and we love to celebrate this wonderful man who brings us all so much joy and glorified Christ in his life.

I started the day off with a pre-arctic blast surf.


3 hours of surfing fun waves and I was very stoked to have beat the front to the beach.

When the kids got home we made snow globes.


This was so much fun and such a great way to feel the Christmas spirit.


Mia is giving some to her friends and teachers. Teacher gifts DONE!





I am keeping this one for myself. Love the beach scene.


You can find directions to make these adorable gifts here. Be sure and use epoxy glue. You can find it in the hardware department at Walmart.

I made a traditional Italian dish called orata ou triglie alla San Nicola (paper wrapped fish for St. Nicholas), but since I rarely can get little mullet or small whole fish, I used cod and it was excellent. Recipe that I follow here.

I served it with wild rice and we followed with dessert of peppermint ice cream and chocolate syrup. Over our meal we talked about St. Nick and who he was. Here is an excellent article about this life and how his relics ended up in Bari, Italy; the home of my grandparents and extended family.

At around 9 it was off to bed for the littles.

St. Nick did indeed come and we had a sweet morning together before the kids had to run off to school. When they get home, they are going to leave snow globes on the porch of some neighbors, San Nicola style.

Happy Feast of San Nicola to you all!
Other St. Nick days from the past found here, here and here.

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