Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff!

We picked up the tree from being flocked yesterday and set about decorating it.


The boys put on about 1 decoration each, and Mia and I did the rest.  No pictures of them, as they do not want photos taken these days.  Le sigh.







Remember these?  We still have them and I hope they can be passed down for generations to come.




It’s a winter, woodlands Christmas at our house this year.  Mixed with a bit of the sea.  Perfect.



I see you watching us, Billy.


When he and I were first dating (we started seeing each other December 1987) he called me up one day and said “I got my tree today.  Would you like to come over and help me decorate it?”  I said “Sure!” and picked up some wine on my way over. When I got there he had cut the trunk, put it in the stand and had it up in his living room.  I looked around and saw the boxes of decorations, lights etc. and went to work.  Billy?  He sat back on the couch and watched.  I don’t remember him putting one ornament on the tree.  Oh, wait…he put on the star. LOL!  It was awkward for me because, heck, I didn’t know how he wanted it decorated!  Apparantly I did just fine, because he had a grin on the whole time. He sat watching, sipping wine and grabbing me for an occasional kiss.  It was seriously cute and a precious date.

And so it is with us 26 years later.  He still cuts the trunk, puts it in the stand and brings it in the house, but never touches a decoration….just steals kisses.

We also still have the shell lights from way back. I leave them up year round and just add some twinkling blue lights to them at Christmas.  There cannot be enough pale blue lights during Christmastime at the coast.


We will put the rest of the decorations on when Cory gets home today.  So ready to see him again and have him home for a month.


His St. Nick stocking is full and waiting for him.  Man we missed him this year.


Those two red deer on the table were part of my childhood from as far back as I can remember. They are well over 50 years old and it brings back wonderful memories having them in my home.


“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!”  ~Hamilton Wright Mabie
Some of our Christmas decorations…..Nordic table cloth here.  Woodland animals here too. Bottle brush trees found at Target.  I have them all over my house. I don’t think you can have too many, right?

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2 Responses to Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff!

  1. Jody says:

    Merry Christmas!! Yes, 1987. LOL! My dementia is acting up again. We are totally loving the flocked trees. They stay alive forever and look so festive. After having one for the last 2 years I can’t imagine going back to green. Love tinsel too. We put it on last year and it made the flocked tree sparkle.

  2. Kriste says:

    Maybe you mean 87 instead of 97? We were married in 97, and that’s only 16 years ago…

    I love your tree! I have never had a flocked tree, but it does have a certain appeal, doesn’t it? I like to do tinsel. No one else in my family likes it, but I think it gives it a nice old fashioned look. :o) Merry Christmas!

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