One of the things I love best about winter is our weeknight evenings. School is going full steam, so by 6pm homework is done and I call the kids inside. All their friends head home and we begin our family routines. Showers, dinner, a movie… or as of late, reading books.

During the Summer, Fall and Spring, the kids activities are in full swing, so we don’t have much time for quiet evenings at home.

Summer is full of late evenings playing under the yellow glow of the street lamp. The days are spent surfing, playing with friends and lots of spend-the-nights. Fall is packed with football practice every night, games, and more surfing. Spring brings baseball, the push to finish the surfing season and the end of school chaos.

In the words of Mia: “I like it when it is cold and wet outside. It kinda makes it to where we have to stay inside and stay all cozy and warm.”


I couldn’t agree more. Only thing missing is a fireplace.

**aside from this, I am also very ready for the cold to be gone. We are not used to this. We have had some gorgeous sunny days for several days in a row and it feels very much like spring. Mother nature is such a tease.

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