Surfing in February

Cold fronts have been blasting us non-stop her at the Texas coast.  It has been down right nasty here and I am reaaaaally ready for spring.

Frigid weather does not mean that surfing contests are on hold. Texans are hardcore.

Mia had a contest this past weekend, out of town.

When we arrived at our destination, it was sunset.  Her friend grabbed her wetsuit and paddled out for a little sunset surf.


Mia wanted no part in this.  She did not want to crawl into a wet wetsuit the next day and she was perfectly content in the warm car, thankyouverymuch.   Instead she walked, barefoot I might add, out on the jetty to watch her friend.  Nut. The temp was 46 degrees.  IMG_2594


The day of the contest, the water temperature was 49 degrees.  Air in the 50-60 range.  Bottom line, it was cold to the core. She surfed her heart out at around 5pm in cold water, temps in the 50’s and thick fog. She did not have on a hoodie or gloves.


She came out of the water and her face was as red as a beet. She told me during the heat she duck dove under water and when she came up she had to grab her head because it hurt like the worst brain freeze she had ever had.

She took 3rd place.

Back at the car after the awards, I had to peel her out of her wetsuit and she was so cold she blasted the heat at 90 degrees for 15 mintues before she could get warm.

And she wants to do it all over again in another week.

That is one tough little 1/2 pint.

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