Mothers intuition

I honestly don’t have the energy to write about this week, so I will keep it short and sweet. Also, my teens need their privacy. Seriously, there is only so much I will post here that is part of their private lives after they hit the big 13.

In a nutshell, on Monday my 16yo was taken by ambulance from one ER to another. He had appendicitis and would require an emergency appendectomy. Really, when isn’t an appendectomy an emergency? Ugh. It was seriously an insane day, and I will post what I put on my Facebook page to sum it up:

“We got home around 11 today. I have a big pot of chicken noodle soup on, and Cody is resting in his room. Yesterday was hell on wheels. Guys, all the stuff they say about appendicitis was out the door with this kid. His pain was minimal. He did not elicit pain to any of the standard tests. No fever until he spiked a temp in the ER. The surgeon was blown away that he was sitting up, talking and laughing. This kid has a pain threshold that is unreal so apparently his “4” was more like a 10+ (on a 0-10 pain scale) for mortals. Anyhow, my reason for this post is for my parent friends. All the stuff they tell you about appendicitis? It may not happen with your kids. Especially if they are very calm and laid back like Cody. Bill and I both have medical backgrounds and because of this we had a bit of a heads up so to speak, but in the end it all boiled down to mothers intuition. I know that kid. He never complains and when he does, we listen. If your kids complain at all of right sided pain, no matter how minimal, GET IT CHECKED. Many cases of appendicitis are only truly apparent right before or after rupture. If Bill and I did not have the backgrounds we do, we might have just pushed it off as a virus.”

My reason for posting this here at all is because, guys, he was just complaining about his side aching a bit on Sunday and Monday morning. That is all. Nothing else. He was laughing, cracking jokes, and walking around normally. The thing is, it just was not like him to complain at all. He is the kid least likely to get sick in our house. Bill’s radar was up, but I was getting pretty frantic. I told Bill “I know he seems fine, but something is wrong. I know it in my gut. My mothers instinct is telling me something is really wrong”. He listened to me and had us go to the ER.

Drinking the contrast medium
Drinking the contrast medium

We were very blessed to find that the doctor at the first ER was a colleague of Bill’s from our time living in Llano 16 years ago. He is a super kind man, and he listened to my hand wringing worries, talked to Cody and examined him, then ordered some blood tests and a CT scan. When it came back positive, he said “Sometimes you just have to listen to that voice inside. It’s a mom thing.”

That invisible umbilical cord will always link us to our children. Mothers intuition. It is a mom thing for sure.

Heading home!
Heading home!

*and even though I have some more awesome pics of him in the ER, going into the OR and coming to his room, as well as the awesomeness of hospital gowns….those are for him and won’t be shared here. It is my story to some degree, but bottom line is that it is his.

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