Urban skate

Cory was home for spring break.


On the last day he was here, we spent the day together.  He needed a new deck for his skate board, so we did that on the island, then ended up in a parking lot shooting pictures.


Living in central Texas, with lots of hills and stairs on campus, he has gotten quite good at urban skating.


Some of the things he does with his skate board makes me cringe and wish I didn’t know about them.  Like the video he sent me a few days ago of him skating a downhill that I do on my bike that is pretty wicked.  Yikes.


He does stair rails and all that now, but there was a car parked in front of the 4 stair one he wanted me to shoot him on.  Next time.  I will take some Valium first.  Because nothing says “I Love You Mom” like a 4 stair, rail grind/jump.


It was so great to have you home Little C.  See you soon!


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