There are not 7 days a week…there are 5, and then begins the weekend

This week we saw the sun for a day or two, so we put the hammock up.

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But then this moved in again.

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So down it came.  I am sooo ready for some consistent sun. Well, at least its warm. Warm and gray.  And wet.

Good news on the broken bones front.  Quinn got his cast off.

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He is now in a boot, and will be crutch free in a week.  My furniture will be so grateful.  We call him Kramer for a reason.  Insert image of Kramer exploding into Seinfelds apartment and you will get the picture.  Now add crutches. Oy.

We had a surf contest this weekend on the books, but because another damn front will be coming through this weekend, it got postponed.  (Wind makes waves and the wind direction will be wrong for where the contest is being held.)  Mia was preparing. She has been working out and was ready to dominate.

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Instead we will surf here, and play with Roxy rat. While not technically a rat, this is what she has been dubbed by Cody.  He will be relieved the contest is postponed because cleaning Roxy’s cage fell on him since we would be out of town.

Bath time for Roxy.

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Yes, she is growing. Look at that belly!

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With the warmer weather it was time to spring clean, starting with the windows. What a mess.   All the rain  had allowed mildew to form between the screen and window.  I had to take all the screens off and bleach the frames etc.

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My windows are clean!! Just in time for more rain.

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And today is Friday at last! Do something fun! I have a surf date with Bill tomorrow.  It is our version of date night.  We surf our favorite place, refuel with some good food, hit the surf shop, then head home to shower and lounge in bed watching movies………etc.

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“My soul is full of longing for the secrets of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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