Easy refrigerator pickles

I seriously love Pinterest.

I browse there most mornings and come up with some decorating ideas, travel day dreaming, craft projects, and fun recipes.

A friend of mine pinned a recipe for dill pickles and they sounded perfect.

Jody's Lumia_20140501_18_46_00_Pro__highres

No boiling, no mess. Just simple ingredients to mix together.

Jody's Lumia_20140501_18_48_33_Pro__highres

Then into the fridge overnight to soak, and the next day pack them in jars and refrigerate.

Jody's Lumia_20140502_13_04_29_Pro__highres

I found the retro green jars at Walmart, but will get some of these at World Market for the next batch and give them as gifts. It is a fun project to do with the kids, so get on it!  I am making some BBQ to serve them with tonight.  TGIF!!!

**tip for shopping at World Market.  I wanted some of these for summer to fill with water or lemonade when we eat outside, and be able to reuse them.  They were $5.99 (not happening), but something like these were only $2.99 and filled with bubbly lemonade (the brand was actually Bellot Sparkling Lemon for $2.99). Kids drank the lemonade, I washed them and removed the labels and they are the exact bottle.  Go figure.  Now I can make my own bubbly lemonade.

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