Red on yella’

This little guy slithered up to me on my running trail the other day.


He tried to go under my left foot, then my right foot.   Finally he found a gap between my heels and went up next to my ankle and over.  Hooooyah!! You can bet that was a tense moment. I turned around and snapped a pic of his exit once he was completely away from me.

Jody's Lumia_20140506_09_21_20_Pro__highres

I was so stoked to have this little encounter with something so fiercely beautiful.  I imagine it was a once in a lifetime.  What are the odds that this poisonous snake would be on my running path at the exact moment I ran by? Even though they are the 2nd most poisonous snake…second only to the black mamba… they are a very gentle creature and only bite when grabbed or threatened. I did not threaten him, and in turn I did not feel threatened by him. Having said that, I can guarantee you that my heart rate was in Zone 5.


DISCLAIMER:  I DO NOT recommend anyone attempt this.  I know snakes and have been around them my whole life.  The thing is, at this time, there is a shortage of coral snake anti-venom. The last batch expired in April and they have not made anymore, nor do they plan on it. They are trying to develop a new type, but it has not been approved by the FDA. Had I known this before my encounter, I might have been a bit more wary of attempting it.  Please educate yourselves and your children on the different snakes in your area.  It is the season when they are out and about in abundance and after a winter hibernation, they can be grumpy.  Tell your children to avoid picking up any kind of snake at all.  Juvenile, venomous snakes often look like the harmless ones. That is all.

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  1. Leeann says:

    If I didn’t already think you are a badass, I certainly do now!

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