Wanna go?

Honey watches me while I gather my running gear. She eyes me as I clip on my waist pack and thread my headphones through my top. When I sit down and put on my running shoes, she perks her ears up and waits for me to say it…..

“Wanna go? Wanna go bye bye” and all hell breaks loose. There is yodeling, jumping and spinning. She sits, puts her head through her harness and I buckle her in.

And off we go.

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Since I have been recovering, my runs have become long walks exploring the coast. Honey loves this and looks forward to our daily hikes.

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We head to some well known spots, and other more secluded areas finding new paths to tread down.

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In the last couple of weeks I have started running again a bit and Honey has joined in, pacing me. We go anywhere from 2-3 miles and then walk the rest.

Recovery has been really slow for me. I have no idea why, or if this is normal, but it has been hard not to be able to do all the things I love. 2 weeks after my surgery, I tried to run and after 3 days of it was feeling like hell. Then I got sick with some kind of virus. So I backed off for a week and started walking, then added in some light running here and there and built on it. It has almost been 5 weeks now, and the spotting finally stopped yesterday so I went for my first surf in 6 weeks with Mia. Well, it might have been my second surf. The day before I paddled out and caught one wave before paddling back in, so I am not counting it. Anyhoo, I surfed.

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Today I am wiped out. Completely. I used up all my available energy and now need to recharge. I ache all over. Will enjoy a rest day with Honey, watching movies and recovering.

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3 day weekend is upon us. We don’t have any big plans. Maybe dinner out, and Mia wants to see a particular movie at the theater with all of us. The two big boys have jobs and are working, so it will be a quiet holiday for us.

Enjoy yours!

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