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Happy Monday everyone.

I am jazzed that this is the last week of school for my kids. It is unusual for us that it is not out yet. In years past, last week was when we got out, so I am not sure why they have the kids in so late. On the plus side, I’ve got an extra week of solo surfing, so I am going to exploit it!

A couple of weeks ago, several kids at school got to go on a field trip to SeaWorld. They had to collect a certain number of cans to win a spot on the bus, or submit a project to the science fair.

Mia climbed in the car the afternoon they had found out who was going and with a soft voice she told me about it. She then said quietly “It’s why I didn’t collect any cans”. She purposefully did not try to go on the trip all of her friends were going on because she has watched Blackfish and has learned, through my experiences and the movie, the abuse that the animals go through at parks such as SeaWorld. She refuses to buy a ticket and contribute to this abuse.

You have no idea how proud that makes me of her. She took a stand for creatures that have no voice, all on her own.

The day of the field trip, I went to her school and had her pulled out of class around 10:30 and we hit the beach. Driving over the bridge and on the ferry we saw wild dolphins. As it should be.


Afterwards we went shopping. All in all a great skip day for a 10yo marine mammal activist!

If you have not watched Blackfish, I encourage you to do so. I have worked in the industry in my life before kids, and what is in the movie is true.

You can help the animals. Don’t buy a ticket. It is as simple as that. Сео

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