What’s one more

If it were up to me, we would have a zoo here.

Oh, wait, we do. A dog, leopard gecko, hedgehog, frog, box turtle. Yup.

Let me try that again. If it were up to me we would have every animal from A-Z.

The road block I face on my journey to zootopia is blond, surfs and knows how to say “No” and mean it.

So, when Cory’s dog had her babies, I knew that I would have to draft my crafty plan brilliantly to win Billy over to the idea of another dog.

It began with pictures.




Oh yes, he fell for those big blue eyes.  Those images are not edited.  She indeed has eyes like the ocean.  And she looks you square in your eyes when you talk to her. She gets that from her mama, who also takes your face in and looks at you with eyes that are deep with soul.

Look at this sequence.  Quinn was talking to her and calling her over to him.


She gazed into his eyes and came to him, all the while keeping eye contact with him.








Is that not totally adorable?

And she loves to play.




And falls asleep in our arms at the drop of a hat.



I finally took Bill in to meet her last weekend.   I thought I was being so clever with my little plan, but all along I think he had already made up his mind that we could have her before he even saw her.  He loves bigger dogs and she will for sure be one.   The next morning after seeing her he got up and over our morning coffee on the back porch said suddenly  “I think we should name her Kona”.  We looked it up and it means “Fair Winds” or “Lady”, so Kona she is.

We get to bring her sweet puppiness home in around 2 weeks.  Skye, her mama, comes home first so she can acclimate here without any of her puppies around to make her defensive with Honey.  That little Husky needs a break from those 5 babies. She is a petite dog, and they are pretty much draining the life out of her.

Until then we visit her every day at the shelter and count down the days until we bring her home!!


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