Gotcha day

We brought the new dogs home finally.

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All of the other puppies went to their new families so it was time to bring Skye and Kona to theirs.

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Skye had sort of a rough adjustment.  She was pretty comfortable with Cory but skittish around Bill and the kids for a few days.  

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The puppy?  Not so much.  This pretty much sums up life with Kona.

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It took about a week for Skye to loosen up but she is pretty comfortable with everyone except Bill at this point.  She has very wolf-like behavior and we are almost positive that she is a wolf hybrid.  One of her puppies looked just like a timber wolf and she acts like a wolf.  We are her pack.

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The other day she discovered Nerds (box turtle) in his cage.  She decided to get in it with him.  I had to place a screen over his bin but she quickly learned to take it off. We stacked books and lots of magazines on it to weight it down and keep her out.  Not.  She took each magazine one by one in her mouth, removed them from the screen and stacked them on the ground.  She then pushed the books off with her paw, again one by one, testing the screen until it was light enough to lift off.    She also can open doors.  They had to remove the handles  on the doors so she could not wander through the shelter at night. Smart girl.

With Kona, it is like having a newborn again.  Cody is on duty for crate training at night and I take over around 4:30am.  Here is a crate training FAIL photo.  Yes, I brought the baby to bed.

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Honey has had a rough transition from being the Queen of the House to sharing her people with 2 intruders.  At first she wanted NOTHING to do with Skye or the puppy.  As of today, she is “tolerant” of the puppy.  She has no desire to play with her, and snaps when Kona tries.  As for Skye…..they are starting to be more friendly to each other.  Well, Skye is.  Honey is like an old broad who has zero tolerance for the younger crowd.

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So my summer has become the summer of Wolves.

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I love how she kicks her legs behind her.

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Canine chaos.  

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Mama love.


And we are loving every bit of it.

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  1. Leeann says:

    Beautiful dogs! Can’t wait to watch the puppy grow! (hint hint)

    • Jody says:

      Thank you!! I will be sure and post some pictures. She is growing so fast, just like the kids did!

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