It’s a dogs life

The shy wolf creature is coming out of her shell by leaps and bounds. Last week she discovered that she could escape everyone by climbing under my bed. She thought she was so sneaky and that we could not see her.

Thay no kanz c me.

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Am stealth woowie.

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Then, while Bill was OOT visiting his dad with Quinn last week (I was painting the inside of the house!  Finally, after 7 years here we have the color walls we originally wanted…more on that later this week), she commando crawled (literally) up on my bed with me and slept in Bill’s spot all night long. That was a turning point with her acclimation here.

Wolf bedtime

Now that Bill is back home we have to sneak naps on the bed while he is at work. (No! dogs! on! the! bed!…right.)

Windows Phone_20140718_13_14_42_Pro

My mom is here this week, and she brought her little dog.  In addition to that pup, Cory also has another dog.  He decided Skye was too shy to bring to an apartment with a bunch of college guys (it would be like shooting a mockingbird) so he went and found another forever friend to take back to college. Meet Morty, the sweetest dog on the planet.

Jody's Lumia_20140713_14_15_43_Pro

Which means Skye is staying with us here in paradise.  That makes 5 dogs running around my house for the next week.

And I thought 3 was chaos.

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