Painting with soft chinchilla and wolves

When we moved into this house almost 7 years ago next month, it was not a leisurely move. It was an OMGWEAREMOVINGWHATTHEHELLAREWETHINKING move. One minute we were planning to pack up the 5th wheel and head home and the next we were frantically shopping for a house.

When we found this house, we had approximately 38 seconds to buy it and move in. Hush up, I never exaggerate. Okay, maybe 42 seconds, but the point is there was not a lot of time to do anything other than decide where to place our furniture when it arrived, let alone paint.

Fast forward 7 years. Our walls were still that muted eggshell beige and I was done with it. I was so ready to cover up all the black scuff marks, dings, crayon and dirt that had accumulated from 4 kids, 12yo and under. And because we had every intention of painting each year, we never put any pictures up on the walls. It looked like we sort of lived here, but were either moving in or moving out. Take your pick.

With Mia heading to camp last week, we decided it would be a great time for the paint to finally happen. Bill also took off from work and took Quinn up to the inlaws for the week so I could work in peace…..

……with the 3 dogs, because everyone knows puppies sleep all day. Not.

The only way to describe how this was for me is: take a pail, put it over your head and bang on it with a hammer for 5 days straight.  Remember, I never exaggerate.

Skye the husky/wolf decided she Liked!! the paint rollers and would grab them when I turned my back and make me chase her all over the house:  under ladders, across a tarp with wet paint splatters on it, and under the bed.

Windows Phone_20140721_15_54_37_Pro

Here is a blurry photo of them staring at me, waiting for me to put the roller brush full of paint down.  Skye looks like she is saying “Do it.  I double DOG dare you!”

Windows Phone_20140722_10_56_09_Pro

I think they had it synchronized because the minute I turned my back to chase Skye with a wet roller brush in her mouth, the puppy would find the paint tray or can and get down and funky with Soft Chinchilla by Benjamin Moore.

Windows Phone_20140722_12_33_32_Pro__highres

When Bill got home 5 days later, the painting was done!  He walked around praising it but would pause and ask “How did you get paint on the bar stools” or “why is it all over the tile?” and I would politely point out to him that the dogs should have been the ones going to camp and the ranch because they were insane every second of my time in painting Hell.

Here is a preview of the new walls

Windows Phone_20140723_15_28_27_Pro__highres

Windows Phone_20140723_15_28_36_Pro__highres

and when we get pictures hung up in 7 years I will show you the finished project.  🙂икони

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2 Responses to Painting with soft chinchilla and wolves

  1. Jillbert says:

    Pretty colors! I’m getting ready to paint my daughter’s bedroom this weekend — she picked out a blue that looks very similar to yours. Will be quite a change from the pink it’s been for years.

    • Jody says:

      Thank you! It was such a huge job. That blue has been on my mind for 7 years now, and I finally got it up. You will love it!

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