Painting done, but still no pictures on the walls

The last couple of weeks have been very busy.  I finished painting while the kids were away, and it turned out awesome!

Everyone was very surprised to come in and see bright new, colorful walls.  We had been waiting for 7 years to get this color up there, and it was well worth it.

There are still no pictures on the walls.  (crickets chirping)

The crew came home for about a week after the paintfest and we all turned around and left on vacation.  The original plan was 2 weeks in Florida surfing and exploring, but with Bill’s foot not healed yet, we opted to go to the ranch instead.


We had so much fun, and it was a very nice break for us.  When we go there, we are very isolated from everyday life.  It is way out in the boonies: 15 minutes from town, then down a long country road, then 3 miles through 5 cattle guards and gates. Like I said, it is way out there.  There is very sketchy cellular reception, so we enjoy the solitude of just being together as a family.

Today I am playing catch up and getting ready for the kids to go back to school, so pics etc about our vacation will be up mañana.  I have a picnic table and lights to buy, supplies to shop and organize for (shut up! I know this is last minute but summer liven’ was happening’ here and I could not even THINK about school), and a house to get in order.

Parting shot:


The puppy found the floor vents were The Place Of Love at the ranch.  After a romp outside barking at deer, the miniature horse and donkey, and everything bark worthy (leads, twigs, lizards) she would plop herself right on the vent and her ears would float up, flapping in the cool air.  It’s a hard knock life.

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