We need a bigger car

At the moment we are a two car family when it comes to road trips.

The dogs sort of tipped us over the edge. Trying to cram 3 kids and 3 dogs plus a hedgehog (that the wolf-dog would very much like to sample) into the truck would equal a sufferfest of epic proportions for all involved.

We are talking about a new car for Bill, and have rolled large vans around in the conversation. It will all depend on what we decide to do with our 5th wheel….do we keep it, trade it in for a TT or camper, or do we just sell it period. Keeping it would mean we would have to keep the truck as a tow vehicle, so I honestly see us trading it in for something smaller. But that is a whole other can of worms because Bill is just paralyzed about making a decision. I have no clue why…other than the fact that it would involve lots of work and his foot is not up tot he task. The money may also be a factor in his decision. That and the fact he wants a Jeep. Seriously. He keeps talking about a Jeep to drive around with the big dogs. We need a 12 seater van, not a 4 seater Jeep, but he does not seem to be bothered by this Small Detail.

Where was I? Oh! The two car road trip.

Bill, Quinn and Skye loaded up into the truck, and I brought Honey, Cody, Mia, Kona the poopy puppy and rat fink. It was a motley crew, dudes.


Honey gets shotgun babies!  She will not have anyone usurp her rights as Queen.  Even Cody.  He said “The dog gets the front seat? Mom, that is wrong on so many levels”.  Dear Cody, this is all part of the Ladder of Authority.  Love, Mom.


We stopped so many times during the 3 hour trip it was insane. Once to pee the puppy, another for Starbucks fraps, and at one point I pulled off the side of the road and ran into a cotton field and stole some cotton. Rebel yell!

WP_20140810_10_02_31_Pro (1)

Mia said “OH EM GHEE MOM, THAT IS SOMEONE ELSES COTTON. YOU ARE SO EMBARRASSING”. This is the same child that counts our grocery cart items while in the express lane and says “We have one too many items for the 10 items or less lane. Move to the normal one now mom”. She follows all rules, except when it is her turn to empty the dishwasher.

We did eventually get there, and the dogs jumped out and immediately had a canine coronary with all the smells and animals milling around. After a life of being chained in someones backyard and abused, Skye’s senses were exploding with joy! Goats! Horses! Donkey! Deer! Cow poop! Deer poop! Donkey and horse poop!! LIFE IS AMAZING.



It is everything a neglected dog never knew she always wanted.

To cap off a long day, that evening we all curled up in the den and watched day one of Shark Week.


It was all the kids talked about prior to heading to the ranch. Somehow for the last few years we have ended up there during Shark Week, and they look forward to evenings watching shark attacks and scaring the Littlest Surfer Girl.

Go figure.

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