Back to school dinner 2014

Sunday night we had our back to school dinner.

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There are two kinds of mothers.  Those who are ready for school to start and for the kids (and adults) to be back in some kind of a routine, and those who dread it and will miss their kids and the carefree life of summer.  I am going to let you guess which one I am.  I’m not telling.

To celebrate a new year, I planned a pizza and fire pit night.  I got on Pinterest and found some recipes for grilled pizza and s’mores.

I made 2 batches of dough, and rolled them and stacked them between parchment paper to make it easy to flip them on the grill.  I set up a topping station in the kitchen (dogs would have devoured it outside) with sauce, mozzarella balls, pepperoni, diced ham, pineapple and basil then after the dough was charred on one side, I transferred it to a baking sheet and let the kids build their own pizzas.

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That’s right. You just plop the dough straight on the grill.  Don’t be afraid.  It won’t stick if you cleaned the grates well.  Just in case I also sprayed them with non-stick spray made for grills, but I don’t think it was necessary.  I know some people also lightly wipe olive oil on the grates.

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I put the middle and left burners on high, and the far right one on low.

Look at how it bubbles up.  Mmmm.

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Once it bubbles up and the grill side is charred, remove it from the grill by flipping it raw side down onto a baking sheet and pile on the topping of choice to the charred side.  Then, take it back out and slide it on the hot side of the grill and char the bottom.  When it is crispy and brown, with grate marks, slide it to the low heat burner side of the grill and close the lid.  Check it to make sure the bottom isn’t burning and remove when the toppings are melted and bubbling.

Mia wanted pineapple and ham on hers so I grilled some pineapple rings and cut them up for her to pile on her surf side pizza.

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Doesn’t that look insanely good? These were by far the best pizzas I have made and I will be hard pressed to cook them in the oven from here forward.

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We had s’mores for dessert, but not just any ole s’mores.

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I used dark chocolate and sliced up some strawberries and bananas to make banana split s’mores.  They! were! awesome!  Do it!  You will thank me.

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Melted, gooey goodness.

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And off to school they went the next morning. Everyone was up early and ready to go in spite of our late night (after 10) for a school night.

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Hope everyone has a great first week of school! Moms, don’t party too hard. 😉

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