Week day training

Surfboards in the car at pickup can only mean one thing….surfs up.

That means homework gets done in the car on the way to the beach.

Jody's Nokia_20141006_16_40_17_Pro

And we surf until dark.

At one point, the sun was setting over the island, the moon had risen over our heads, and the sky turned pink and red, casting those hues on the surface of the water. Paddling over the glassy pink surface of it was surreal.  As it got dark, the girls told each other shark stories in between sets, taking turns catching waves. I wish I had had my Gopro to film them.  Next time.

As it got darker and the sky glowed an even more insane color of red and pink, Mia and I took off at the same time together on a wave.  I peeled off right, and she took off left.  I turned my head and watched her tiny body glide across the pink hued surface of the water on a wave that was over her head, and I thought “this is a moment I won’t ever forget”.


Just a little moment in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

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