Halloween week is here

Spooktacular week is here, and we kicked it off with Mr. Skeleton picking the kids up from school.  Love that dude.  Here he is last year…I forgot to take a pic yesterday.


We will be cooking fun Halloween themed dinners and treats all week…..last night was Jack-O-Lantern stuffed peppers.  They were really good and pretty easy.  I baked mine for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and Bill wants me to add rice to them next time, so I may try that.  Make them for the kids!!

Jody's Nokia_20141027_18_19_55_Pro

Our spooky treat was this  Halloween puzzle cookie.  Very fun to make and tasted great. I doubled the dough and flour to make a larger cookie.

Jody's Nokia_20141027_20_21_54_Pro

And we will be watching fun, spooky flicks before bed.  Hotel Transylvania was the movie of choice for last night.


I was reading some blogs yesterday via the Pinterest rabbit hole, and the recurring them with moms was “I love Halloween!  What am I going to do when all my kids have grown and moved out?”  Me?  I will still be doing all of this.  Bill and I get a kick out of it too.  Hopefully one day we will some grand babies to share our spooky fun with.

Happy Halloween week!!  Get on it and have some fun with your kids!  They won’t stay little forever!

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