Christmas morning 2014

Mia rallied Christmas morning and was up at her usual 5-6am hour asking to wake the boys to open presents.  She climbed into bed with us and dozed until nearly 7,  then, in her words, we “FINALLY” got the boys up.  She was still a bit weak from the flu but was able to really enjoy Santa’s visit, which I am so grateful for.  At 10, she believes in the magic and I know these things are precious and to be cherished, so I was so happy for her when she woke feeling excited and better.





This year I started a new tradition.  Aebleskivers! in honor of my father.  My dad was Danish….his grandparents came over from Denmark in the 1880’s….and I remember him telling me stories of them speaking Danish to him and singing him songs to sleep in their native language.  He taught me “This Little Piggy” in Danish when I was a small child.  I have long forgotten how to recite it, but when I hear it, it brings all the memories flooding back. He was so very proud of his Danish heritage.  When I would come to him with sadness or unsure of myself I remember him telling me firmly “You are a Rasmussen!  A Dane! By God! you are a Viking!! Straighten up girl!”.  It is time to introduce my children to their Danish side. Next year we will celebrate Lille Julaften instead of the 7 fishes.  Thank you Stephanie Nielson for posting about this.  When she wrote about it 2 years ago, I realized that as much as I have introduced my children’s Italian heritage to them, I have almost forgotten to teach them of their strong Danish roots.  Time to rectify that. So, we started this year with Aebleskivers on Christmas morning.  I bought a pan a few weeks back, and scoured the internet for recipes.  They are super easy to make and absolutely incredible to eat.  I made some with chocolate filling and they were fantastic.  Next year I will make these….or maybe New Years morning, because who can wait a year to have yumminess like this again?





After the kids opened presents, Bill and I exchanged gifts.  I had no clue what he was getting me, and when he led me outside, I thought “what could possibly be outside?”.  In the driveway was a brand new, bright red mountain bike!  Freaking awesome surprise!!! I have been riding the mountain bike he bought me for a wedding gift almost 25 years ago.  The gears were shot, it had no suspension, but for sentimental reasons I was still riding it. When I rode this one for the first time it was so easy it was crazy.  I cannot wait to get in some deep sand with this one. It will float right through it!  You da man Bill!  Seriously, he so nailed this one and for the first time ever surprised the heck out of me. Now if I can just get over this flu so I can ride.  Yep, I came down with it Christmas day afternoon and tested positive for influenza on Sunday.  I have been hit hard and am just now starting to feel alive again.  Looking forward to being well and getting a chance to ride my Christmas present.


Bill got a trip to Costa Rica and a new surfboard to ride there.  This will be his first surf trip in over 30 years.  I am so stoked for him to go to Playa Grande and tear those waves up!  Hopefully he will take some pics that I can share, but don’t count on it…it would never occur to him to take pictures. He is a live the moment kind of guy. LOL

Merry Merry Christmas time to you all!!  Remember, there are 12 days of Christmas!  Celebrate them all!


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