Post Christmas flu apocalypse and 12th Night

As our Ho Ho Holiday continued, Mia slowly recovered, and I hit the wall hard. I had a dry cough on Christmas day and by the next day was horribly achy and started running fever late in the night. By Saturday morning I was feeling like hell.  At 3thehellinthemornig,  I actually cried and asked Bill to take me to the hospital for an IV so I could get pain meds…..that is how bad my bones hurt.   Holy cow, it felt much like I had been hit all over with a bat, and I could not get comfortable.  And no, he did not take me. Instead he gave me Motrin.  Motrin. I wanted IV pain meds and got ibuprofen.  Not…the…same.  I think the last time I felt that sick was when we lived in Shiner and I got the flu.  Hands down that was the worst, but this was a very close second.

Sunday he took me in to his clinic and did a flu test.  + for Type B.  Oh really.  The great part about this is it was too late for Tamiflu.  It took a good 12 days to start feeling better.  I am down 6lbs, but my appetite is back and then some, so I am sure it will pile back on.


This happened.  No we are not cruel.  The pup could sleep through a tornado….or hot sauce, peppermint marshmallows and spice drops stacked on her.


This scene played over and over in the week following Christmas day. Me in bed, a curly dingo and my girl keeping me company.


I have been reduced to walking since Flumageddon which is just fine with Skye. Fluffy Husky butt alert.



Skye Blue!!


We had our 2nd annual 12th night celebration. In keeping with last years theme, the flu preceded, so it felt just like a tradition should. We really looked forward to it this year as some quiet family time to reflect on the birth of Christ and the Magi’s visit to him. Teaching the kids about the true history and not just the feel good story in songs and cartoons is important to me. These ancient astronomers (they are not sure if there were 3, 4 or 12) walked the road to see the Christ child over the course of a year or more. They left everything and followed a celestial “sign” that they saw and knew to follow. You can read more about them here, here and last years 12th Night celebration here.



Shirt and shoes not required.


I got a picture of this young, evasive man over the holidayz.  Love my 17yo to bits.


And a few of this one too.


I have a million of her.  She has not become a teen and camera shy like her brothers.


And on Epiphany, the decorations came down.  I am not sure why, but this was particularly hard for me this year.  I spent the day packing things away, weeping here and there and feeling very sad about the end of another holiday season. Santa was a big part of the holidays this year as Mia is 10 and the magic of him and anticipation is so happily there for her.  Maybe next year she will not be as into it.  I hope that is not the case! I still believe!  Santa has been visiting our house now for 20 years, (and at my childhood home for 30 years before that!) bringing smiles and joy to us all and I am hopeful that “Believe” will still be on all of our lips next year, as I can’t imagine him not paying us a visit. He is a very, very old and dear friend and I would miss him.

Here are some scenes from Miss Mimi’s room, which she decorates every year. Her Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer collection….


Various, festive hedgehogs.


And her little mouse house gets decorated with lights, a tree, candy cane jars, a gingerbread house, cookies on the stove and Santa Mouse and Elves make a visit.  This right here kills me with the preciousness of it.  And I am crying again, OMG.  I keep thinking “Will she be too old for this next year??” I hope not.


Coastal Christmas details are so fun.  Taking them down, not so fun. Sniff.

Mia made this ornament.


She made 12 and gave them out to our neighbors as a Secret Santa on the Feast of St. Nicholas Day, December 6th.  (Last years Secret Santa gift here.) She typed up a note telling them she was leaving this gift in the style of St. Nicholas.  She explained who St. Nicholas was and why December 6th is his day.  The most precious one was a man who lives alone on our block.  He has no one but his 2 dogs.  We never see any family there and he is always alone.  We left his under a chair he sits on in his driveway every day.  Watching from our window we were able to see him as he came home from his walk and found it.  He stopped and stared at it for a few moments, then bent down and read the note.  He then picked up the ornament and held it to eye level to see.  He walked to the end of his driveway and looked around, then went in his house.  Be still my heart.  Mia said “Out of every one we gave out, that one made me feel so good mom.”


And to leave this post and Christmas season 2015 on a humorous note…..a parting shot of Morty the dog/human who sleeps with a pillow and covers. Not kidding.



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  1. Leeann says:

    I love your blog. You are such a tough chick with such a tender heart! <3

    • Jody says:

      Thank you Leeann! I think I used to be tough but age is making me a Barbie. LOL!! It is also making me have a very tender heart for everyone. I cry at the drop of a hat, which I have never done before!

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