Winter motivation

Holidays are over people.  Time to get moving.  If you are like me, a month of great food, cold weather and the flu has had us inside and the stir crazy has set in.

I am ready for some waves this weekend.   Yes, the water temp is 56F and the air is 36F.  We have surfed in worse for sure.  Last year one of the contests had water temps of 49 degrees with air temps about the same.  With fog.  Ouch.  In this picture, she was so cold she could hardly move.


Excuses aside, it is time to lace up our shoes, dust off our bikes and grab our boards.

Jody's Lumia_20140618_10_41_22_Pro

I have been going through pictures of when I was racing to get myself motivated for competition season 2015.




This one makes me cringe because I am about 7 lbs heavier now and my luv handles are giving me grief.  Seriously.  The surgery I had last spring has really done a number on my abs and I have middle age gut.  Ugh.   I need to get out of my post flu fog, off my hind end and clock some serious miles to get anywhere near this point again.  I am not sure it is even possible at this stage of life but I will give it a try.


For this, I think a giveaway is in order.   I haven’t done one in ages and want to share the love and one of my favorite pieces of running, cycling, surfing, heck anything gear…my Headsweats hat.  Everyone is always asking where I got my hat (because good gravy I have one on every day….my uniform). These things are part of my every day wardrobe.  I wake up, throw on a hat and start my day.  To me, hands down, there is no other hat that comes close to the quality of these and you know I have put them to the test.  They stay put in heavy wind at the beach, keep the sun off my face and cool my head down on the hottest and longest of runs.

You want one of these?  Okay, I am giving one away randomly via comments.  You pick the color.  Post a comment about what motivates you after the holidays to get moving and active again for the New Year.  Tell me your pain.  But, you know my motto….no whining.

And remember….

The only easy day was yesterday.

**and this is NOT a sponsored post. Just some bloggin’ love.**

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6 Responses to Winter motivation

  1. Matt says:

    Motivation: I turn 40 this year and have a beer gut. I’ll take a black hat, please-haha!

  2. Jillbert says:

    Nice hat! I would look sweet in a white one! 🙂

    My motivation for exercise this year is just to stay active as I age. I’m on the far side of my 40’s. Two years ago, I started running and learned to swim (other than doggy paddling). I also joined an adult tennis team. I felt awesome and had more energy! I’ve gotten lazy this past fall. Tennis season ended. Our pool membership lapsed (lazy me) and it’s been cold and I don’t want to run in the cold. Now I’m feeling old and achy. I realize that exercise is no longer something that’s optional. If I want to be active as I age, I must exercise. So, it’s back to swimming (time to renew the pool membership) and I’m looking forward to tennis season. I’ve committed to work out with a friend 2x/week and the weather should be warming up this weekend. Looks like I’ll be out running again. And, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run with a snazzy hat on my head. 🙂

  3. I love this picture! Your girl will be the next Serena Brooke!!! Please keep us posted on her progress and yours as you ramp up for your winter workouts 🙂

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  5. Leeann says:

    I’d love to win a race hat!

    My motivation this year is an Epic Summer Trip I am taking with my boys. We are traveling for five weeks, through nine states. I’m losing weight and exercising to get healthy. We’re going to hike, climb, horseback ride, rappel and do all the things that I’ve had to say no to because I wasn’t fit enough. This year I am getting FIT and healthy and RECLAIMING MY LIFE. I’m over 20 pounds down and going strong!

    • Jody says:

      That is going to be an epic trip and what great motivation to get healthy!! Go Leeann!!

      I not sure what is wrong with comments here, but I will be updating my theme and see if the problem stops. Have heard that some people cannot comment on posts. Sorry for the inconvenience but I had no idea this was a problem.

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