Yes, he went Tico.

My husband came back from Costa Rica deliciously Tico on me.  Tanned, surf lean and with a whole new set of priorities.

That is one of the things I love so much about travel….it opens your eyes to a whole new perspective.

He walked in the door tanned, exhausted and full of stories of amazing surf and good times…then we promptly had an argument. Seriously.  WTF?  My fault and I realized it 2 minutes into it. Then we made up 5 minutes later. The making up part was beyond awesome.  Just sayin’.

His days in Costa and mine in Texas contrasted significantly.

At one point were were texting and he sent me this image.


I replied with this.


To which he sent this to remind me how awesome his week was while I was on vacation in the hill country back in November.


His view


My view






The days after his return have been such a blessing.  He was absolutely worn out from the trip, but also so mentally rested which is what I was hoping for.  And he came home ready to go back.


Our 25th anniversary is this year, so to celebrate we are heading to Costa Rica.  I CAN! NOT! wait to see him surf those waves, and help me drop in on them as well.  They are big, steep and barreling so my motivation for getting in shape will focus on our trip and my goal of charging those waves.  When I asked if we would stay a week he replied “Or more”.

In the meantime I am just so incredibly glad he is home.  It kind of felt like the right side of my body was missing until he walked back in the door.


One of the things he has decided since his trip is that the Keurig must go.  He had some really good Costa Rican coffee every morning down there, so Donut Shop coffee was not going to cut the mustard anymore.  The morning after he got home he said “Lets go buy some CR coffee”.  We found some, but it was not the same, so I got online and ordered the coffee he had in Costa and he sent me out to buy a new drip machine since our old one died.  When we go to bed we say “I can’t wait to wake up and have coffee in the morning.” Weirdos.


I leave you with a parting shot.  A couple mornings after he got home, we were sitting at breakfast and Mia burst out laughing. She pointed at his head and said “There is a wave on your head where you are peeling”.


La buena onda!!

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