Painting and crafts because baby, the coast is cold!

With all the cold, we have been doing some little art projects around here.

I had some quotes that I learned in Sayulita that were meaningful to me and I wanted to do something that would give me a visual reminder of my time there with friends and of living more carefree and simple, as they do in Sayulita.  The greeting there is not “Hola” but “buena onda” which basically means good wave/vibe. I loved that and it fit our life so well.  “Live what you love” is all over the net, but I believe it originated with Pacha Mama and her art, in which she incorporated the phrase….from there it showed up all over Pinterest and started a trend.  I have some shirts that are silk screamed from Pacha Mama, Sayulita and this saying is on it.  It resonated with my friend Shelley and I.

These were pretty easy.  I got some stick on letters and spray paint.  For the one on the right, I sprayed the base Sea Glass, let it dry, then applied the letters and spray painted over all with white.  Peel off the letters and there you have it.  For the one on the right, I just put the letters on blank canvas and spray painted on the Sea Glass.


Mia made one for her room too. She painted on different shades of blue, used a paper towel to create a “waves” effect in the paint colors, let it dry, put on the letters and then spray painted it white.  Peel off the letters and there you have it. Easy day and so cute for her room. Simple and so her.  She always has salty hair and smells of the sea. My mermaid.


I am trying to learn how to paint with acrylics.  I am not very good but I sure have fun.  I saw a painting on the internet and thought it would be fun to paint, and here is the result. I like how it turned out.   I can only do abstract and silhouettes at this point but hope to do more realistic waves in the future.


The weather will be warming back up for the weekend here, and we will be getting some waves so I am hopeful to be back outside for a few days before the next front the following Wednesday.  I am so ready for winter to make an exit and spring to take her place.  Wetsuits are for the birds!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and if you didn’t know, And Baby Makes 6 is on Facebook now. Go give us a “like”!  See you there!

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