Waves, where are you?

The ocean has been flat for a couple of weeks and we are itching for some surf.  Contests cannot run with ankle snapper sized waves, so when I got the call that the last Open contest had been postponed due to lack of surf, I pulled the trigger and registered for a local 10K.

Spontaneity in racing is just not something I do. I like to train for events so I will actually race them well, but the thought of a weekend without something to do just was not appealing to me.  I had the race on my list of races for the year, but was pretty sure a contest would  be run, so did not really put a lot of training effort into it.  My original plan was for the 10k, but that pesky lack of training was in my mind. I had been running pretty consistently so I figured a 5K would be easy day.  Problem is, it sounded too easy, and then the race director talked me into the 10k.

I haven’t run a 10K distance in months.  Surfing has pretty much consumed us and, lets face it this


is so much more enjoyable than this


Not to mention I had a chest cold on top of the lack of training.  Awesome.

I know my marathon readers are rolling their eyes, but chest cold plus surfing legs pretty much does not commute to a well run 10K.

Anyhow, in keeping with my tradition of everything needing to be a death march, I registered for the 10K


Race morning was gorgeous. Sunny skies and very chilly. I wore some cold gear tights, which I usually do not do for a race, no matter how cold, but I could not get warm that morning (fever?) so opted out of my shorts.

I took off at the start and had a great pace for the first 1/2 mile.  My family was waiting for me to pass there, and we did some fist bumps and I heard my husband say “take off that long sleeve…your going to get too hot”.  Whatever.

By about 2 miles in, pace was still good, but I was HOT.  I peeled that sucker off and on my return passed it off to Bill, who gave me a knowing look.  I was reconsidering my tights decision at that point as well, but peeling off pants wasn’t an option.  I kept thinking “when have you EVER worn tights in a race, genius.”  Not even at Enchanted Rock in March, which was freezing cold.

Anyhow, by 3 miles in my pace started to slow and my chest got super tight. Thank God I didn’t start hacking and coughing my brains out, but that feeling of not being able to get in enough air was epic.

When I started this race I was thinking my pace would be somewhere in the 9:00/mi area. I am not a terribly fast runner. Most of the time I pace between 8:30-9:00 on road.   I have been running lots of trails and not timing myself (for about 2 years now) so apparently those paces are long gone. Factor in the chest cold and you have a turtle pace for this race.

In the end I finished 5th in my AG (I was 3rd the last time I raced this) and 9th woman. If I had run the 5k, which is what I should have done, I would have been 1st in my AG and 1st Masters Female. LOLOL!

I did not start hacking and coughing until the finish.  Trying to eat an orange while I coughed up my right lung was attractive.  Ask my daughter. She was all “OMG mom, gross.”

Lessons learned for myself:

  • Never wear tights unless you are running north of Lattitude  36° 59′ 45.4992″ (Oklahoma/Kansas border).
  • Stop running when you are sick.  You are ALWAYS doing this (ran 1st half marathon with a stomach virus. Those 2 do NOT go together. It was as epic as it sounds.)
  • Quit being a Barbie when it comes to those last 2 miles. Really. Suck it up, buttercup. I know I could have pushed harder, but lack of air had me holding back. At least I didn’t walk.

In spite of being sick, I had a great time at this race.  It has been a long time since I have raced due to all the overtraining stuff, so this was a great start to racing season for me.


Oh, and I won another drawing after the race.  A beautiful wind chime made by a local artist from treasures found at the coast.


Next up for Mia and I another Open surf contest and then the State Championships.  It is almost time to store the wetsuits away, and I am soon ready for some warm water surfing.

Come on spring!

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