When parents get ahold of their childs selfie stick

I had no idea there was such a thing as a selfie stick until my daughters friend got one, and then Mia got one for her birthday (more no that later). Let the narcissistic fun begin!

Bill and I grabbed it for some parental exploration the other day.



I had to delete and crop a few.  I won’t tell you why. Men. Just sayin’. Ahem.

Yesterday Mia and I took off to another town to watch Quinn at his track meet.  There was lightening, and thunder and rain, oh my! so we took refuge in the car until it all passed.  We were in there for 30 minutes or so, which, for someone who did not run that day, was a very long time to sit still.  I grabbed Mia’s selfie stick and went to work tormenting her.

It started out like this.  What exactly am I looking at?


I asked her where I was supposed to look so I didn’t have that far off, longing gaze.


She gave an eye roll and said “OMG mom, the little round thing in the top called the CAMERA.”

Oh Em Ghee, I found it!!


Camera falling off SeLFIe sTIck.


Mia, look up.  Be in the picture with mommy!


Um, no.  Up went the leg shield.


I think I said something like SEEEEELLLLFIEEEE!! here.


And then things went wild with us girls.



Enter the blanket.


I have to stop and mention that all the parents had retreated to cars, so they were all just as bored and probably gazing around the parking lot and at us with the selfie stick.  Mia said “mom, stopah!!”  This is how we all say “Stop!” at our house.  Cody started it after mimicking how Mia does it when she is super annoyed with the boys.  You say it loudly like this: STOP-AHHH! in a super whiny voice.


Reaching out to include her.


Then she started laughing.



The claw!!


She kicked to try and knock the sElfie StIcK out of my hand, but I remained Calm and Continued On.




She eventually went in the back seat and made a tent to es-ca-peeee her crazy mother.


I am her cross to bear.

And now it is the weekend!  Saturday I am heading out to go check out a travel trailer in another town.  I should bring the selfie stick and take you with me on my epic journey. 🙂 We are trading in the Little House for a much smaller surf mobile and are narrowing down our choices to this, this or this.  It has to be able to go off the grid, be durable and we want one that will be around for after the last child leaves the nest in 7 years. Bonus points for looking cool. Which one do you think we should get?  We are divided right now with Bill wanting one and me wanting another. I bet you can guess who wants what.

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