Easter happened here, I swear

Surfing is life right now so everything that isn’t a wave, beach, board, husband or kid has been gathering dust for me.

So an Easter recap….it was again a quiet one for us.

Mia and her beastie dyed eggs.


And the Easter bunny made a grand appearance Easter morning, as he always does.




They will NEVER get too old for Bionicles.  They went out of production a few years ago, but recently were reintroduced.  That brilliant Easter bunny knew this and found a few for the boys.




Mia asked for Eibelskivers for breakfast so she helped me make some.  Add Nutella to them. OMG. So good.




We made some ham, green beans, sweet potatoes and pane di Pasqua for dinner.


It was a great, soft dough recipe and I will make this my go to for bread.  Very easy to work with and so very much like the soft doughs they work with in Apulia.


I also made a ricotta cheese cake for dessert.  Sooooo good!


And in keeping with the Easter theme for the last 3 years, one of us was sick so we stayed home from church and gathered in the den and watched the last Hobbit movie, because nothing says Easter like a good medieval fight scene with hobbits and elves.  Right? Le sigh.

Happy Easter…..hey! at least I got the post up during April, eh?!


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