Head sweaty selfies! and a cold front

Do you post selfies.  Go on, admit it.  You do sometimes.  Do you want to win a free hat in the process?  Well, here is what you do. Enter the Headsweatyselfie contest.

1. Take an awesome selfie in your Headsweats hat like this…me in my Jolly Roger Trucker.


2. Post to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the #HeadsweatySelfie hashtag (make sure the post is public)
3. Be entered for a chance to win a free piece of headwear!

Easy day!

At the end of each month, they will pick 2 lucky winners.

I finally got my pirate and Headsweats colors up! on my new board.  I think this will have to be a first for Headsweats to be featured on a surfboard.  I am very proud to represent for sure here at the Texas coast in the surf community.



As for my new board, I do believe I have it wired now. I have been out on it almost daily no matter how small the surf.  I honestly don’t understand why more folks are not out on those days.  I feel like, if you love surfing and the water, you will crave it no matter the size.   How do you expect to get better and enjoy the water unless you are out there actually surfing and not just talking about it?  I get out in everything including thigh high, inside mush and can actually surf it pretty good now for an old woman.  Billy said to me the other day “You are doing great. You can surf those little waves on a shortboard and that is pretty good Jody. Especially for a 50 yo woman.”  I told him that when we go to Costa he has to scream “Thats my B*tch” when I catch my first tube. ;*) Haha!

The other day I surfed as a storm moved in.  The waves were so fun, so we surfed through rain and fog, but when the sky came alive with lightening and thunder, another surfer and I looked at each other, quickly turned and paddled in. Got to my car and all hell broke loose at the coast.


I made the ferry and was able to get home before the heavy flash flooding hit.  That has been the norm here at the coastal bend lately. So! much! rain!


In spite of this, it has been a wonderful month full of family, fun surf and lots of stoke.


Happy hump day babies!  Sun is out, I have already been on a run and the day has just begun.  It’s all good!

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