It was a small wave.  It is ALWAYS the small waves that I get hurt on.

Went to kick out of a maybe waist high wave and hit some chop, fell, the wind picked up my board and slammed it into my forehead…..fins first.

I knew it was cut before I even touched it. The fin hit at an angle, so it basically sliced down to my skull and made a flap of skin.  When I reached up, I felt that flap and the gaping wound, and pulled it back together again.

That is when the bleeding started.  Head wounds bleed.  Badly.  So, I am sitting on my board with blood pouring into my eye, down my face and onto my board..and the water.  Lots of blood.  Blood in the water while you are sitting in the middle of it is not a great scenario at a fishing pier in the ocean.   I yelled out to someone “My session is over” and turned to head to shore.  The waves were soooo fun so it was really hard to leave.  I decided to catch one on the inside as I headed in and rode it with blood pooling in my eye.  I was laughing and thinking “Act your age, woman”.

I rinsed my face off in the salt water and headed for my car to do damage control.



When I got home, Bill was waiting and checked things out.  He decided no stitches and we would glue it…..when he got back from surfing.  Yes way.


I carried on with my day, and blood pooled under the flap, clotting and making it look worse than it was.  My kids were so grossed out.  I have to think what I would do seeing my mom like that, and honestly can’t conjure up the image because I don’t recall my mom even exercising let alone getting hit in the head with a surf board.  (Seriously, the image of my mom on a surf board paddling in the water?  Not happening.)

Anyhow, by the time I finally had time to shower and scrub the wound with Hibiclens (I know, right?  I had to use a washcloth and scrub the heck out of it to get the blood clots out…nails on a chalkboard folks) it was close to 7pm.  At that point Bill, who was now looking at it and re-thinking the stitches and was wonderfully surf-satisfied, said “Let’s go take care of that”.

INSERT: If I did not surf, this would have made me question his priorities.  But people, chest to head high waves vs stitching up your wifes forehead.  Good Lord have mercy, head high waves of course! I often wonder how and why surfers marry non-surfers.  Seriously, it takes one to know one and unless you have been around surfers you might not understand what this means. It means when there are waves, everything else is on the shelf for a bit.  I have heard stories of wives losing their minds about their husbands always surfing.  I have even heard a story of one taking a knife to her significant others surf board.  It is the other woman/man. LOL!  For us, we both surf, so there is a mutual understanding.  When I don’t get the house clean, and shirk my duties during the week because BY GOD THERE ARE WAVES!! Bill never gives me a hard time.  Even if he has to go to work and I am at the beach all week.

Back to my head.  My man is not just an awesome surfer and hawt.  He is also very good at stitching up his wife Frankenforehead.  5 stitches later and I was good to go.  No surf for me for 3 days, but was able to run as long as I kept the sweat off of it.  Not to sound like a commercial, but this is one of the main reasons I love Headsweats….the terry cloth band around the inside of the hat.  It absorbs the sweat and keeps it from rolling down your face.


This one is the Swim Bike Run Race hat and it is on clearance for $12 if you need a good go to hat for all your outdoor needs.  Get one! At that price get 2 for crying out loud! I did!

Image by

I missed The Best day of surfing the next day because I was a good girl and stayed out of the water to allow the edges to fuse.  Apparently if you go in salt water, the edges stay soft and slough off creating a big scar, so I did my time of pier Purgatory and took pictures of Mia surfing.  Here is one.


And another.


Okay, one more.


Last one.


Her surfing has seriously turned a corner and she is charging whatever comes her way now.


Stitches were in for 3 days and on the 4th day, Dr. Doom taped it allowed me to surf.


It has now been two weeks and the scar is very slight.  My man is da bomb at stiching his girl back up.

And this is the End of my epic war wound story.  Its time to go surf.

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